TikTok's Charcuter-Wreaths Bring A Festive Touch To Boring Wooden Boards

If there's one particular treat that can make any party a foodie's happy place, it's a carefully displayed charcuterie board waiting to be devoured. Creative hosts never seem to skimp on giving their platters an eye-catching layout filled with a variety of tasty morsels that blend the best savory, sweet, and salty flavors. It can be a fun task to build the perfect charcuterie board for specific holidays. One unique idea that's been circulating TikTok lately is a wreath-shaped board that looks like it would be the showstopper at any Christmas party.

Not only is this charcuter-wreath a great appetizer that will fuel the Christmas spirit of your guests throughout the night, but it's also simple to make if you know what to look for. While the possibilities are endless, there are a few main ingredients you may want to grab from the store. You could have an array of both hard and soft types of cheeses and juicy grapes or berries. You could also go for hard salami that you could fold into roses by using a glass as a base, spiced or candied nuts, and the briny taste of green olives or cornichons. Some other festive dessert-based options you might want to include are gingerbread cookies, sugared cranberries, and pomegranate seeds for a pop of holiday colors.

Use a cookie cutter on your brie cheese to carve out a space for jam

While it's pretty obvious that you should arrange a charcuterie wreath to look like a circle, it's up to you whether or not the center should be filled with food or if there will be negative space. The center can be a nice spot to place various spreads like a balsamic glaze, honey, or a fruity jam. If anything, you'll want to ensure your board echoes familiar Christmas sights, which could mean a red and green color scheme or frosting long rosemary sprigs with sugar to look like snowy pine needles. TikTok creator @melissas_healthykitchen likes using this idea for their charcuter-wreath.


HOW TO MAKE A FESTIVE WREATH CHARCUTERIE BOARD Who doesn't love a loaded charcuterie board? They are always a crowd please and so fun to throw together for your holiday entertaining! The possibilities are endless as to what you can add to yours. Here is what I added: 1. Frosted rosemary around the edges of a round board 2. Brie sliced in half, one half spread some strawberry jam on, other half use a 🎄cookie cutter and press in. Remove the tree and place the outline onto the slice with the jam. Place the tree brie on the board whenever you like. 3. Salami roses 4. Blueberry goat cheese 5. Green olives 6. Honey 7. Cotton candy grapes 8. Asiago Cheese with rosemary + olive oil 9. White stilton Cheese with cranberries 10. Holiday spiced cashews 11. Syrah soaked toscano Cheese 12. Cornichons 13. Raspberries stuffed with white chocolate chips 14. Blackberries 15. Star cookie 16. Sugared cranberries 17. Gingerbread cookies . . #charcuterieboard #charcuterieboards #meatandcheeseboard #meatandcheese #holidaypartyfood #holidayfood #christmasfood #charcuterieplatter #appetizerideas #fingerfoods

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Another holiday-infused idea you can try from Melissa's video can be done with a cookie cutter shaped like a Christmas tree. In the caption, they share that you can slice a round of brie in half, spread a thick layer of strawberry jam on the bottom half, and stamp the cookie cutter on the other half before placing it on top. It's a rather clever idea for those who want to dress up their Christmas charcuterie board's center spread and turn it into a cute dipping window. Melissa then tops their "tree" with a star-shaped cookie with sprinkles. Some commenters on the video seem excited to try it themselves, like one who announced, "I'm definitely doing that."