Pastadesigns: The Insta Account That Turns Noodles Into Colorful Art

Cooking is often deemed both a science and an art. But what happens when everyday foods we love are turned into literal works of art? Sure, there are intricate dessert recipes that call for edible glitter, thick cuts of steak topped with gold flakes, toast treated like a painter's canvas, cakes that eerily resemble everyday objects, and other delicacies, but when these masterpieces involve good ol' pasta, not only are they beautiful and nostalgic, they're utterly relatable.

Pastadesigns is an Instagram account that puts the naturally beige, al dente icon in the spotlight, going well beyond standard plates of spaghetti, bowls of macaroni and cheese, and forkfuls of baked ziti. From zebra-striped tortellini and rainbow farfelle to spiraled cappelletti and stained glass cannelloni, the spectacular patterns are adored by thousands of fans. However, it takes a special set of skills to whip up such decorative pasta. The creator of these gorgeous egg-and-flour gems boasts an admirable résumé that has helped him share his polychromatic story.

David Rivillo, the genius behind the mesmerizing account, is among several talented pasta artists who have made a name for themselves on social media as well as in real life. The Venezuela-born noodle expert resides in Brazil and has quite a knack for chemistry, too, further proving that the culinary arts and sciences overlap more than many realize.

David Rivillo is a true master of pasta art

The collection of stunning photos that fill the Pastadesigns feed is a sight for sore eyes — and hungry tummies. To make things even more impressive, David Rivillo has a doctorate in chemistry and uses this to study food science. In the case of freshly made pasta, the combination of wheat flour, whole eggs, and colorings goes through plenty of physical changes when rolled into dough, cut, molded, and pinched into various shapes, and finally, boiled to perfection — all before even touching the plate.

The multicolored pasta, which is almost too pretty to eat, boasts a unique recipe he keeps tightly under wraps. In a July 2023 interview with his Ph.D. alma mater, Institut Català d'Investigació Química (ICIQ) in Tarragona, Spain, Rivillo shared, "[The process] is a combination of colors and technical precision. I prefer to keep the details and processes to myself, but I can say that I use natural dyes such as spices, eggs, and flour and that it is all handmade."

As you scroll through Pastadesigns, you'll gaze at images filled with meticulous elements of color, texture, and shape. Several of the photos showcase spaghetti, linguine, and other types of pasta twirled on a fork, while others exhibit single bite-sized delights in their purest forms. Through a thoughtful, passionate blend of visual craftsmanship and culinary chemistry, Dr. Rivillo has rustled up an entirely new way to appreciate an all-time favorite comfort food.