DIY Chocolate Spoons Are The Sweet Holiday Gift Your Loved Ones Will Adore

The world is still in the thick of the holiday season, which means it's time for gift shopping. The state of malls this time of year is not for the faint of heart, as last-minute shoppers are all crowding the same stores to pick up gifts. For those who want to skip out on all this hustle and bustle, making gifts in the comfort of your own home is the way to go. Nothing says love like a homemade treat during the holidays, and DIY chocolate spoons are the sweet holiday gift your loved ones will adore.

A chocolate spoon, which lands somewhere between recipe and craft, features chocolate and toppings of various types coating the bowl of a small wooden spoon. It's typically used to stir hot drinks like hot chocolate, warm milk, or coffee, and the chocolate melts into the drink as it does so. Chocolate spoons are a charming way to present chocolate as a gift, and they're some of the best homemade food gifts you can make for the holidays. To do so, melt whatever chocolates you have on hand, and either dip your spoons into the melted chocolate or drizzle it over them to make patterns. Once the chocolate has set, a bundle of these spoons can be tied together with a cute bow or presented in a clear holiday bag as a thoughtful present.

Chocolate spoons are ultra-customizable

Having milk, dark, and white chocolate on hand is ideal for making chocolate spoons. Their colors and flavors create plenty of visual contrast and the potential for lots of variety. For instance, you can dip the spoon into one chocolate and drizzle a different one on top. Alternatively, you can dip the spoon into every chocolate, stacking new layers over those that are already set. You can even use a toothpick to draw on designs like hearts and stars.

Chocolate-dipped spoons are already cute as they are, but what really takes these treats up a notch on the festive scale is the use of toppings (which should be placed on the chocolate while it's still setting). Sprinkles and crushed candy canes, for example, make chocolate spoons more fit for the holidays. Alternatively, a whole round peppermint stuck onto a spoon is perfect for mint-chocolate lovers, and mini marshmallow toppings make for an ideal hot chocolate stirring device. Sticking chocolate chips or M&M's onto the spoons can also add visual texture (not to mention more chocolatey goodness) to any hot drink. As long as the toppings can dissolve into a hot beverage and taste like the holidays, they can top off your chocolate spoon.