The Best Way To Reheat Steak, According To Omaha Steaks Executive Chef David Rose – Exclusive

Leftovers can be the best part of cooking and eating out. Who doesn't love heating up last night's fettuccine alfredo for lunch the next day? Unfortunately, reheating food doesn't always result in the flavor of the food you had the evening before, and sometimes, you end up overcooking it. If you put steak in the microwave, it will cook more, which could result in a medium cut turning into medium well. So, how do you reheat this protein to perfection?

Executive Chef for Omaha Steaks, David Rose, advises using a cast iron pan for optimal flavor. "Slice that nice hunk [of] steak off and use a nice, rip-roaring cast iron pan to get that steak to room temperature," he remarks in an exclusive interview with Mashed. Getting your steak to room temperature is the key to reheating it. If the meat is at a fridge temperature, you risk burning it. 

Stay away from the microwave

"[The steak is already] at the temperature you made it before," David Rowe said. He told Mashed to "stay far away from the microwave" when it comes to roasts, steaks, and red meat. The oven or a cast iron pan works best. At this point, you'll want to add some more olive oil or butter and sear the steak as when originally cooked. Don't do it at too low heat, though, as a quick pan fry will do the job just fine.

Heat until the steak reaches the desired temperature, and you will have a revived, juicy steak. Rose also advises staying true to the aforementioned steps, adding, "There are a million different ways to do it." Read this article to understand the mistakes everyone makes when reheating steak before learning the best trick for reheating steak. Whichever method is the best tasting for you is the one that works!