Dots Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels Have Costco Fans Freaking Out

It's often the simplest things that put a smile on our faces. A traffic-free commute, a child that sleeps soundly through the night, or a tasty, inexpensive pretzel snack that you can buy in bulk at Costco. Even "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Dorit Kemsley raves about Dot's Pretzels and how addictive the salty snacks are. So imagine our delight when the brand, whose offerings thus far have all been savory, was spotted in a sweet flavor at our favorite warehouse store.

Dot's Cinnamon Sugar Homestyle Pretzels were first introduced before the 2022 holiday season and became an instant favorite. "These are stupid and shouldn't be a thing. [Be right back] going to eat the whole bag!" wrote Instagrammer @the_muse after picking up the snack. The crunchy, buttery, sweet variety is only around for a limited time, so we know we'll be stocking up on as many bags as we can.

In an Instagram video posted by @costcobffs, we see a Costco display of 35-ounce cinnamon sugar pretzel bags listed for $9.99. For comparison, a 16-ounce bag (less than half the amount sold at Costco) is $6.94 at Walmart and $6.99 at Target.

Some fans think the bag smells bad

Dot's Homestyle Pretzels comes in three other flavors: Original Seasoned, Honey Mustard, and Southwest. While everyone has their favorite Dot's Pretzel flavor, the brand has taken off since Dorothy "Dot" Henke created it in 2012. Hershey's bought Dot's in 2021 as a way to strengthen its hold on the snack food industry, with the brand's $10 million in yearly U.S. retail sales as one of the obvious influencers on Hershey's decision to buy the company.

Fans of the Cinnamon Sugar flavor have compared the taste to everything from cinnamon buns to French toast, with many raving about how addicting they are, or how amazing they'd taste dipped in icing. One thing many customers agreed on was that, despite how much they liked the taste, for some reason, the bag smelled awful. "These are delicious. The smell though, I keep getting whiffs of something terrible," wrote u/Intructorino on a Reddit thread about the pretzels. "Same here! I smelled the bag when I opened them and it does not smell appetizing. However, they taste delicious!" replied u/alissabadissa81.

Regardless of the bag's odd scent, fans of the sweet snack have been exclaiming that the cinnamon sugar flavor is one of the best snacks they've ever had. When you have a product that tastes this good, even strange smells can be forgiven.