Every Dots Pretzel Flavor Ranked Worst To Best

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When it comes to salty snacks, Dot's pretzel twists have become a popular choice, especially if you live in a certain area of the US. Though Dot's were first created in Arizona, the snack brand really took off in North Dakota and is widely known as a Midwest brand. The pretzel powerhouse was started by Dorothy Henke, who created Dot's almost by accident after baking some seasoned pretzel twists for some homemade Christmas gifts (via Dot's Pretzels). As it turns out, Henke's pretzels were a huge hit that holiday season and the Dot's brand was born.

Nowadays, Dot's is widely available in the U.S. (and available for purchase on the brand's website), and the brand has even added additional flavors to their product lineup. With the popularity of pretzel twists like Dot's, other snack brands have even come out with similar pretzel snacks. The three tangy varieties of Dot's Pretzels include Original, Southwest, and Honey Mustard. But which flavor is the best? Which one is the worst? Let the drum roll begin.

3. Southwest Dot's

While some Dot's lovers were on board with the pretzel brand's new Southwest flavor, many tasters complained about the flavor and even the smell of the spicy blend. The flavor's ingredients include zesty additions like dehydrated bell pepper, garlic powder, jalapeno powder, and lime juice (via Dot's Pretzels). Sounds like a tasty mix, no? Maybe not for everyone. "The bag smells awful when it's opened and they taste like licking a salt seasoned ash tray," said one reviewer on Target's website, who claims to love Original Dot's. Others shared similar sentiments about the pretzels' odor. "When I think southwest flavor I think chili and cumin," another reviewer said. "These are not that."

While some may be disappointed with Dot's venture into Southwest-inspired flavors, other Dot's fans on review site Influenster enjoyed this option, saying that the pretzels were tasty served with dip like guacamole, or even eaten alone. What's certain is that comparisons to Dot's Original flavor is a constant, and the Southwest blend is best reserved for those who like a smoky, bold flavor along the lines of taco mix.

2. Honey Mustard Dot's

Honey mustard-flavored foods can be found in just about every grocery aisle: Chips, BBQ sauce, and salad dressing are just a few. In the Dot's universe, the honey mustard pretzel is a solid contender for best flavor, but not quite everyone's favorite. Fans of this variety seemed to enjoy the balance of the spicy mustard flavor with the sweetness of the honey, with a few even preferring them to the original. Some resourceful eaters enjoyed the honey mustard flavor so much that they developed a copycat recipe to make at home, because why not?

But when it comes to Dot's honey mustard flavor, it's possible that the company didn't get the recipe quite right to satisfy their average consumer's taste buds. People who left reviews on Target's website made multiple complaints about the honey-to-mustard ratio, with some tasters expressing their opinion that the pretzels are too sweet and not zesty enough. Some of it may just be a matter of taste, but it can definitely be tough to get that sweet and spicy balance just right.

1. Original Dot's

Despite new flavors and product lines, Original Dot's seem to be the biggest hit with consumers. Many fans have taken to TikTok to share their love of Original Dot's and compare flavors, and even reality stars have publicly shared their adoration for these pretzel twists. It's probably no surprise that copycat recipes of Original Dot's have flooded the internet, too.

The common consensus among Dot's fans seems to be that the pretzel twists are salty, buttery, and hard to stop eating. One reviewer describes Original Dot's as "braided pretzels, about two inches in length, coated in a deliciously rich butter flavor, and dusted with an addictive seasoning blend of tangy buttermilk, garlic, onion and some secret spices." As it turns out, these crunchy pretzels are pretty versatile, too. On Dot's website, adventurous cooks can find recipes that use Original Dot's for a variety of sweet and savory dishes, from pork chops to pie.