Your Microwave Is The Key To Making Hollandaise Sauce In A Flash

If you've ever had a hankering for eggs benedict or looked for a perfect condiment for vegetables, you may have skipped over hollandaise sauce, worrying it was too complicated. The incredibly creamy and delicious sauce is simple to make, however, and all you'll need is an ordinary microwave.

This process starts by combining the main ingredients of hollandaise: egg yolks and lemon juice, into which you whisk melted butter (which can be melted in the same microwave ahead of time). Then, the mixture is microwaved for 15-second bursts (whisking each time) until it reaches the proper consistency, pourable but slightly thickened.

Typically, this takes about a minute or slightly longer. Overall, the entire process is far faster than traditional hollandaise recipes, which call for preparation on the stovetop plus require setting up and carefully tending to a double boiler. The microwave method is a much more convenient choice for home cooks who may be looking to get food on the table quickly or who are juggling other parts of the meal at the same time.

A safer way to tasty hollandaise sauce

Another advantage of microwave hollandaise compared to stovetop versions is that, since it's ready almost immediately, there's no risk of the sauce sitting too long and congealing or becoming a source of harmful bacteria. This latter issue is the bacterial reason you may not want to order hollandaise at restaurants, where it's challenging to keep the sauce in the safe temperature zone over extended periods. The bacteria that can thrive in undercooked eggs is a common cause of food poisoning.

While hollandaise may be most closely linked with the decadent Eggs Benedict breakfast, it's versatile enough to pair with fish, meat, and vegetables as well. It's particularly common with dishes like poached salmon or asparagus. Hollandaise can also be transformed into "child" sauces like bearnaise or others to further customize your flavors.

So dress up your next meal with this easy tip. It's just one of the many things you didn't know you could cook in the microwave.