This Viral Eggnog Coffee Pot Recipe Gave Us Nightmares

Sipping on eggnog can be a delicious way to fuel some holiday cheer, but one viral recipe for the festive drink is giving people nightmares rather than visions of sugar plums in their heads. In a video shared to Instagram in December, Adley Kinsman, a.k.a. @adley, employs their coffee maker to whip up the beloved winter beverage –- which on paper, sounds like a pretty convenient move. On film, however, making eggnog in this kitchen appliance doesn't exactly pan out.

"Crack 12 eggs and pour them into the filter in the top of the coffee pot," Kinsman says while demonstrating the step at the beginning of the clip, and yes, it does get worse from there. The content creator then pours whole milk, white wine, and Bailey's Irish Cream into the water reservoir before putting their dry ingredients -– cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and granulated sugar –- into the actual carafe. Finally, Kinsman adds a dash of vanilla extract to the raw eggs (which they say is an optional step, but at this point, you might as well), and turns the coffee maker on.

As the "eggnog" brews, Kinsman prepares a glass for their drink by dipping the rim in vanilla frosting and coating it in holiday-colored nonpareils. However, the fun and festive glass was hardly enough to distract viewers from the atrocity that was just produced.

"Straight to jail," one person said in response to the post, which is a fairly accurate representation of how most viewers feel about the recipe.

Instagrammers are warning people not to try this coffee pot eggnog recipe at home

There are plenty of creative ways to upgrade your eggnog. However, following Instagram user Adley Kinsman's recipe to make it might not be one of them, and the internet has made that pretty clear.

"We need an international task force to locate this person and put a stop to whatever the hell this is," a second Instagrammer said in response to the concoction, while a third warned viewers against trying to reciprocate it. "First off. Don't do this. Second off eggnog is a chilled drink. She's just drinking scrambled eggs and wine like a f**king monster," they wrote.

Though eggnog can be consumed hot or cold, Kinsman's method of preparing a batch of warm nog does produce a rather chunky bevo, and not just due to the eggs scrambling in the coffee maker. The acidity from the white wine would also quickly cause the milk and Bailey's combo to curdle, bringing in even more of that off-putting texture that several viewers couldn't get behind. Those who do want to use white wine as opposed to the traditional rum, brandy, or cognac to amp up their eggnog are more than welcome to (the mixture is called "eierpunsch" in Germany). However, it's probably best practice to mix it in with a fully chilled, unspiked nog rather than mixing it straight in with the beverage over heat.