Love Isn't Dead! White Castle Brings Back Valentine's Day Dinner (Again)

White Castle may not be the first restaurant that comes to mind when planning to take your significant other out for Valentine's Day. However, the fast food chain has spent three decades working to change that (minus the two years that COVID made the Love Castle a socially distant event). Fans of the sliders and Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake-on-a-Stick were thrilled when the Valentine's Day tradition returned in 2023.

Diners interested in the once-a-year event can go to on January 5 and make reservations to dine at participating White Castle locations (called Love Castles for the occasion) between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. Customers will be seated by hosts and hostesses at tables decorated for Valentine's Day with a white or red tablecloth, flowers, and a cheery centerpiece. The Love Castles will be decorated with balloons, flowers, streamers, and other festive decor befitting the loved-up holiday.

Guests can order the Love Clutch Collection shareable meal anytime from February 5 to 18. The meal features 10 Cheesy Sliders, 20 Chicken Rings, and a sack of fries. However, White Castle is making its Valentine's Day celebration much bigger than one meal. 

Love Castle clothing and accessories celebrate the day

Along with enjoying a meal, White Castle fans can purchase merchandise at the House of Crave online store. For example, the Love Castle Robe is a silky, magenta, knee-length robe featuring an all-over print of sliders, clouds, cupids, hearts, and the "Love Castle" logo framed in a heart.

There are two short-sleeved Love Castle T-shirts to choose from: the Love Castle Candy Tee, which is light blue with a pink heart and an assortment of sliders with candy heart phrases such as "Crave the Love," "What U Crave," and "Hot Buns" and the logo on the sleeve. The second shirt is the magenta Love Castle Crave Tee, featuring a slider shape with a heart and the words "Valentine's Day is for Cravings" on the front, along with, again, the "Love Castle" logo. The last item is the simplest — heart-shaped sunglasses with black lenses and magenta frames.

Members of White Castle's CraverNation can receive additional Valentine's Day deals through the app, while those who sign up also get a free Original Slider Combo meal. The Love Clutch Collection meal can be ordered for delivery or pick up right through the app.