White Castle Brings Back Its Valentine's Day Traditions For 2023

True love can be found, and celebrated, anywhere — including White Castle during its Valentine's Day special. Fast food restaurants seem like an unconventional choice for a romantic occasion, but there are plenty of couples who find symbolism in these places due to sweet memories, first encounters, and a plethora of other reasons that vary from couple to couple.

One duo, Laura Sherwood and Cameron Webb, first met at a McDonald's while in college (per The Argus). Now married for 11 years, the pair enjoyed a romantic meal at that same McDonald's when franchise owner David Padmore heard their story and opted to help them celebrate their anniversary in August. "It felt so special and unique to get a congratulations and invite from the one and only McDonald's, especially as they are responsible for us getting together 11 years ago," Laura said.

You also can't forget the many couples who've been wed inside a Taco Bell. In October 2021, Analicia Garcia and Kyle Howser were married at the Pacifica, California Taco Bell, which is located directly on the beach (via Insider). The staff decorated the restaurant, provided a sauce-packet cake, and offered unlimited food for $4,000.

Rekindling an old tradition, White Castle is preparing to host your Valentine's Day dinner, and you don't need a breathtaking story to participate.

White Castle meets fine dining

For two years, White Castle's Valentine's Day dinner was cancelled thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. This year, it returns for fast food fans looking to celebrate their night with the brand's signature burgers (via a press release). On February 14 from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., the dining room will be decked out in themed décor and the restaurant will be operating with all the perks of an upscale operation. Patrons will order their food tableside rather than at the counter, and a host will be available to guide guests to their seats.

It will also roll out limited-time food options, such as the Love Cube meal with eight cheese sliders, two drinks, and two side items. Also available will be a new cherry- and vanilla-flavored Sprite Love Castle Potion drink and a Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake-on-a-Stick for dessert. To commemorate the night, diners can stock up on merch such as Love Castle Sunglasses, a Love Castle Silk Robe, and exclusive White Castle T-shirts.

According to PR Newswire, the event is quite popular. Upon celebrating its 29th annual Valentine's Day evening in 2020, the company broke its own record for the most diners in attendance. On one night only, White Castle drew in more than 30,000 customers across 14 states, including a pop-up restaurant in San Antonio. Much to the surprise of attendees, a marriage proposal also took place this year at said pop-up restaurant, further proving the point that love can blossom anywhere.