White Castle Is Giving Away Free Sliders — Here's How To Get One

White Castle was the "first fast food hamburger chain in the world," and this year, the brand is celebrating all of its accomplishments over the years during the month of May, which happens to be National Hamburger Month (via White Castle's official website). The first White Castle location opened in 1921 in Wichita, Kansas. Six years later, it became the first restaurant to do "carry-out" after packing burgers into a bag featuring the tagline "Selling 'em by the Sack." In 1947, the White Castle team patented their signature technique of poking five holes in the patty for a faster cooking process.

Although there were many innovations along the way, the chain still serve its original slider today, which features a "steam grilled" patty, grilled onions, and one pickle slice. The restaurant sticks to its classic menu so much that it was a big deal when it added a cheeseburger to the menu in 1962, and an even bigger deal when the Impossible Slider was introduced in 2018. Now, to celebrate over 100 years of success, White Castle is giving away free sliders on May 15 — AKA "National Slider Day" — and we know how to get them (via Oakland County Times).

White Castle will send a digital coupon to email subscribers and social channels

White Castle is the official sponsor of "National Slider Day," which was declared an official food holiday back in 2015, per a press release. Even if you don't consider yourself one of White Castle's superfans, known as "Cravers," you can get a free slider on May 15 to celebrate the occasion (via Oakland County Times). This year, the burger pioneer will be sending out a digital coupon via email and social media, which customers can redeem for one free cheese slider, no purchase necessary. 

White Castle fans are certainly passionate about these little burgers, and some of them are even willing to drive long distances to get their hands on a slider. A national survey of burger lovers found that "48% of them would travel 30 miles or more for a White Castle slider, while more than 1 in 4 of them (27%) would go 50 miles or more," according to a White Castle press release from this week. If people would drive that far to pay for a slider, we wonder how far they would drive for a free one...