The Cursed Chef Boyardee Cookies That Had Social Media Shook

The internet is a weird and wonderful place filled with some truly mind-boggling things. But sometimes you come across something that flips your world upside down -– like a video of a woman, smiling radiantly as she enjoys a freshly baked cookie topped with Chef Boyardee Beefaroni. If that sounds completely bonkers to you, you're not alone. However, if your interest is piqued -– we get it.

The video, posted to Instagram by @eatwithgoodie, shows Lele, an Atlanta-based influencer, baker, and food reviewer, giggling as she eats a beautifully presented (albeit, somewhat unsettling) Beefaroni-topped cookie. "I turn the craziest [stuff] into cookies," she says in a voiceover. After claiming she made the Frankenstein-esque cookie because she was bored in the house, she said she was surprised to learn she actually loved it. She says, "The fact that I am sitting here laughing because I enjoy a Beefaroni and chocolate cookie is crazy to me." People in the comment section had some thoughts.

Gagging over the gag

The post racked up thousands of likes and comments – many of which came from people who seemed to recognize Lele's work. Some feigned shock and horror about the strange cookie combination. "Why am I so mad [right now]," one commenter wrote. "Someone needs to take your account away," another added. Others were intrigued, though, penning comments like, "Mmm sweet and salty... It low-key looks good."

Most of the commenters, however, seemed amused by Lele's outlandish creation –- which is exactly what she's aiming for. In November 2023, Lele's post about her green bean cookies went viral after being shared by Cosmopolitan. After @TheShadeRoom, a media outlet that shares trending news, posted about her pork and bean cookies and her seafood boil cookies someone in the comment wrote, "This has got to be a joke." "It is lol," Lele clarified.

A long-running joke, indeed. Her feed is filled with bizarre concoctions, like tuna salad cookies, ketchup popcorn cookies, sushi cookies, and Big Mac cookies. But it's not all silly gags! According to her Instagram, Lele also makes and sells some of her less wacky cookie creations, taking local orders through her social media accounts, and even runs community cookie-making classes in Atlanta.