Costco's New Triple Chocolate Cream Pie Is Too Rich For The Internet

Whether it's blueberry muffins or tuxedo chocolate mousse cake, many popular Costco bakery items make customers' mouths water. And the fact that you're getting these pastries and cakes for significantly less than what you'd pay elsewhere just increases fans' adoration. But those who are used to paying less than $15 for bakery foods are aghast at the $20 price for a new triple chocolate cream pie.

After TikTok user @costcohotfinds posted a video of the massive 4-pound pie, complete with a butter graham cracker crust, fudge brownie and chocolate custard layers, and a generous whipped cream topping, many of their followers took to the comments to protest the price. "$20!!!!! It's [starting] to get ridiculous," one person wrote. Another pointed out that, with the amount of people it can feed, the price is very reasonable. But that didn't stop others from chiming in, with one user writing, "I'll stick to the pumpkin pie. I could get 3 for $20."

Despite the pushback from many commenters, most of the people who bought the pie weren't disappointed. "Worth it — it's delish!!!" wrote one happy customer.

The price is comparable to similar bakery desserts

Over on Reddit, fans were raving about the dessert. Some remarked that $5 a pound for a pie is hardly highway robbery, while others shared recommendations for making the pie last if you aren't entertaining hordes of guests. "The Costco pies are fantastic frozen. I highly suggest that you cut/scoop the pie out to your desired serving size, and use foil/freezer packaging. I literally used an ice cream scoop with aluminum foil for my setup," wrote one user. According to the Redditor, they were able to make the frozen pie last a full year with this practice.

For the sake of comparison, how does the 4-pound, 4-ounce Costco triple chocolate cream pie measure up against similar Costco offerings? The Biscoff cookie butter cake, while only available in Canada, would have cost $19 in the U.S. Folks online also pointed out that the fan-favorite chocolate peanut butter pie, which was 4.75 pounds, also came in at $20.

If you deem the $20 price tag for the triple chocolate cream pie too high, you're in luck: There are many, many other chocolatey items in the bakery case to choose from. You might find the mini chocolate cakes — $7.99 for a pack of six — are more your style.