Costco Canada Has A Biscoff Cookie Butter Cake, And We Want It Now

It's not uncommon for Costco products to gain a cult-like following. The big-box chain's food court, for instance, is littered with fan favorites like hot dogs, pizza, and the famous chicken bake. But you should never underestimate Costco's bakery. From its muffins to its croissants, baked goods at Costco make up many loyal customers' top items. In particular, one new addition to the chain's Canadian bakeries proves that Costco knows how to make a hit.

In 2022, Costco fans ran to grab Biscoff sandwich cookies, but this year, Costco has upgraded its Biscoff offerings to cake. The Biscoff cookie butter cake, called the Biscoff cream cake on its label, is already viral online. A TikTok from @thechewreview with over 2 million views gave this cake a "12/10" rating, no doubt making Costco shoppers from other countries jealous. Thus far, this cake is only available in Canada and goes for $24.99, which is approximately $19 in the States. It features decadent layers of chocolate cream, vanilla cream, and, of course, Biscoff butter. The exterior is coated in a chocolate frosting, the sides are covered with a generous layer of Biscoff cookie crumbs, and it's topped off with a full Biscoff cookie.

The cake is decadent enough for the holidays

Dedicated Biscoff fans can rejoice — as long as they're in Canada. Biscoff has had other shining moments at Costco in the past. One of these was when Costco shoppers couldn't get enough of Biscoff cookie butter ice cream bars, which were vanilla ice cream bars coated in cookie butter and chocolate. Now, it seems as though shoppers can't get enough of the Biscoff cream cake. The overall consensus in @thechewreview's comment section is that the cake looks delicious — though there's also some Canada envy thrown in for good measure.


12/10 new Bidcoff Cookie Butter Cake @Costco Wholesale #cookiebutter #cake #costco

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 When asked if the cake was sweet, @thechewreview replied, "It's so well balanced. Decadent though," which is hopeful for those who don't like their desserts overly saccharine. The triage of creamy vanilla, chocolate, and Biscoff layers is likely what makes this cake especially desirable. Given the timing of its release, Costco shoppers are eyeing it for the holiday season. One person commented, "Buying this for Christmas," which sounds like a solid plan.