The Stanley Cup Hack For A Cooler Ice Cream-Eating Experience

If you're one of the many folks who've ever found themselves rushing to the nearest store for new Stanley Cup colors, you may not need another reason to use these trendy insulated tumblers. Yet, a surprising purpose for these beloved cups has emerged, and it just might change your entire dessert-eating experience. People love the size of Stanley Cups because they allow you to load up on plenty of ice cubes and water to stay hydrated all day long. However, the specific size of this vessel also comes in handy around dessert time: It fits a pint of ice cream perfectly.

Ice cream is enjoyed in many different ways around the world. For a lot of us, though, the best way to eat ice cream is in a pint container with a spoon on the couch. Despite how convenient and indulgent this method may be, that doesn't mean it doesn't have its drawbacks. No one's idea of a cozy evening involves wrapping their hands around something that just came out of the freezer. Plus, as your ice cream melts a bit and gets softer (AKA reaches the perfect consistency for ideal enjoyment), lounging with nothing but your Ben & Jerry's container and a spoon leaves you vulnerable to drips, spills, and potential stickiness. Luckily, promoting your Stanley Cup from ice water receptacle to ultimate ice cream carrier is the perfect way to eliminate any and all downsides of digging into your favorite frozen treat.

Keep your ice cream cold and your hands warm

Stanley tumblers claim to have the ability to keep cold drinks cold for 11 hours and ice cubes intact for two days. Of course, this doesn't mean your hands will be freezing when you're holding it. Not only is the cup itself not as cold as your cold drink, but it's also got a handy handle. So, when it's time to enjoy a pint of ice cream in front of your favorite show, simply slip your container of ice cream right into your Stanley Cup, and you're ready to enjoy without mess or icy hands. 

We haven't tested exactly how long the cup will keep your ice cream cold compared to drinks. Still, it's safe to say that this cup will keep your ice cream colder for much longer than your hands would. If keeping your ice cream colder longer is a priority and you want to pack up your pint of Ben & Jerry's and head to the beach, you may want to invest in the Ice Cream Canteen from "Shark Tank." For your favorite after-dinner treat sans mess or cold hands, though, all you need is to tap into your Stanley Cup collection. Of course, while Stanley Cups have many practical qualities, aesthetics have certainly added to their popularity. So, why not pop a pint of your favorite ice cream in your favorite color of Stanley Cup? Hot pink Phish Food, anyone?