The Wine And Milk Trend That Had The Internet In Shambles

Viral drink trends look like they are here to stay and it seems no beverage is safe, including alcohol. We all remember the viral wine and Coke cocktail that combines equal parts red wine and Coca-Cola for a surprisingly refreshing, fizzy beverage. One of the more, let's just say unique, alcoholic beverage combinations is wine and milk. Dry red wine is combined with dairy milk for a combination that has the internet in shambles. The #milkandwine on TikTok yields several results of people trying the newest craze with opinions ranging from pure disgust to shocking approval.

@tappedinreviews on TikTok shared a video of the experience of trying the wine and milk combination. While the poster was skeptical at first, the flavor of the combination seems to have pleasantly surprised the TikToker. While acknowledging that it wasn't bad, but not great, the combination of milk and wine seems to have surpassed the low expectations. To make the milk and wine drink, many people first pour the milk about halfway up the glass, followed by a nice splash of red wine. Some videos show people mixing or frothing the drink so that everything mixes well together, while others just appear to drink it straight. While @tappedinreviews used 2% milk, several other videos showed people using whole milk.

Try red wine with condensed milk

If milk and red wine still have your stomach feeling a bit uneasy, a more palatable variation of the drink has been floating around on social media. Instead of 2% or whole dairy milk, red wine is mixed with condensed milk for a thicker, sweeter beverage. While many people took to the comments to share their concern about an upset stomach, it did pique the interest of some. Although the drink has made the rounds online, we can credit the Brazilian drink, Espanhola for the unusual combination. Espanhola is a frozen drink made in a blender with condensed milk, dry red wine, and canned or fresh pineapple.

The milk, wine, and pineapple are first blended until smooth, then poured over ice. Some even choose to serve the drink in a frosted glass for the ultimate warm-weather treat. It's important to use a dry red wine since the pineapple and condensed milk are inherently very sweet. The internet version simply combines red wine and condensed milk that is frothed to combine. Even though combining milk with wine may not be on the list of wine rules you should break, it may be just the thing for those who don't care for red wine. Some people in Brazil prefer sweet drinks so it makes sense to combine the often bitter wine with something creamy and sweet. When it comes to wine and milk, the adage of don't knock it till you try it might apply.