No, You Can't Actually Smoke Coffee With A Brew Pipe

Learning how people around the world drink coffee is always intriguing — especially for those who consider themselves connoisseurs. Some prefer to chug theirs for a quick boost, while others like to sip it slowly to relax. There are also coffee drinkers who want to brew their coffee while on the go, unafraid to turn heads and spark conversations with curious onlookers. Canadian start-up Bripe tapped into this niche market and invented the Coffee Brew Pipe. This novelty copper brewer is shaped like a pipe and is meant for those who want to enjoy coffee in the great outdoors.

Long-time best friends and adventurers Tim Panek and Craig Hall developed the concept for the Coffee Brew Pipe after brainstorming ways to get a quick, espresso-style shot of coffee without lugging bulky brewing gear into the woods. While it sure looks like you're smoking coffee while using it, you're just brewing and sipping it from the same quirky little device. You might be thinking, what's the point of that? Besides the pros of being lightweight, portable, and eliminating the need for stoves, kettles, or campfires to make coffee, it's just for fun. The purchase of a Bripe from the company's website for $99 includes a complete kit with everything needed to brew your coffee away from home.

It's a coffee brewer. It's a pipe. It's a coffee pipe?

It might not be the most budget-friendly coffee maker, but Bripe's Coffee Brew Pipe is one of the more creative ways to get a coffee fix. After placing the filter in the pipe, coffee grounds are poured in along with water, which can be stirred using the filter's handle. Using a small butane torch, the base of the pipe is heated for around 1 to 3 minutes. The handle even has a handy thermometer that shows you when the coffee has cooled to a safely drinkable temperature of 140° Fahrenheit. The "briping" instructions suggest adding milk or sugar if desired and recommend blowing a few gentle bubbles to froth it a bit before sipping. 


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Everything needed to "smoke" some coffee comes in the Bripe kit, including the butane torch, an amusing test tube to store your grounds, a cooling plate, the temperature gauge, a stirring filter, and even a small carrying case.

Social media reactions to the Coffee Brew Pipe range from excited to hilariously confused, and many coffee lovers are very happy with their purchase. "This is very hipster Hobbit, and I'm obsessing over it right now," one giddy commenter said of a TikTok video about the Bripe. One review on the product's website describes it as a "silly and enjoyable" way to brew an ounce of coffee.