Mtn Dew Lovers Rejoice! SodaStream Is Adding The Iconic Brand

To some Americans, SodaStream may seem like a relatively new product of the modern age, but for many Europeans, it's been around forever. Founded in England in 1903, SodaStream originally marketed itself to the uber-rich, eventually offering an at-home carbonation system anyone could afford. Then, after changing hands a few times, the item slowly found its way into the U.S. marketplace. Since PepsiCo bought the company in 2018, SodaStream has developed something of a cult following, and its latest offering of MTN DEW will no doubt become another popular SodaStream flavor.

According to info shared with Mashed, SodaStream is offering customers the chance to make a "Flavor Reservation" online and purchase its new MTN DEW drink mixes in advance. This is a way to manage demand, as the company sold out of its Pepsi and Diet Pepsi drink mixes shortly after their release.

Those who want a chance to order up to three bottles of the MTN DEW mix can go to the company's site and enter their info. They will then receive an email or text 48 hours before the products are publicly available with the option to place an order. If that's not enough of an incentive, SodaStream is also throwing in free shipping. If you don't manage to reserve your SodaStream bottles in time, they'll still be available to the general public starting February 1.

SodaStream's MTN DEW is less expensive than buying it in cans

SodaStream has been on a mission to reduce the number of single-use plastic bottles in the world, so perhaps the company hopes that introducing MTN DEW flavors will turn even more people into SodaStream users. Fans of the brand had been asking for a MTN DEW flavor (or something similar) for a while, meaning this might also be a way for the company to lure back old customers.

Using a SodaStream doesn't just limit the number of bottles and cans you buy — it can also save you money if you're an avid soda drinker. Each $6.99 bottle of MTN DEW regular, diet, or zero-sugar drink mix makes about 24 12-fluid-ounce cans of soda. Buying several mixes at a time will save you some money, as SodaStream offers a four-pack for $24.99 — a savings of almost $3. A 12-pack of MTN DEW cans costs around $7, so by using the drink mixes, you can get twice as much product for half the price.

SodaStream's prices vary from $5.99 per drink mix to $9.99, though the latter only pertains to a small number of products produced by Soda Press Co. For this price, customers can purchase a 500-milliliter bottle of Kombucha Concentrate, which contains seven servings, or Soda Press-branded mixes like Ginger Ale or Summer Orange, each of which contains 13 servings.