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14 Popular SodaStream Flavors Ranked Worst To Best

Over the past few years, sparkling water has become an increasingly popular beverage of choice across the world. So much so, that companies such as SodaStream have gone so far as to make a machine (with the same name as the company) that allows people to make their very own sparkling drinks in the comfort of their own home. The creation of the SodaStream brought along the development of mixes and syrups that give people the ability to flavor their homemade drinks.

The choices in flavors are almost limitless, with many brands offering different choices, though the flavors listed on the SodaStream website come in five varieties. These include your typical Soda Mixes, Diet Drinks, and Fruit Flavors, along with "Bubly's," which are homemade versions of the Bubly Sparkling Drinks, and "Soda Press," which are organic versions of sparkling drink mixes.

We went through all of the categories of flavorings listed on the Sodastream website, and ranked some of the best and worst flavors that you might come across in your local stores. After reading through this list, the next time you select your carbonated flavoring, you'll be able to select a mix that will not only leave you satisfied, but be the best bang for your buck.

14. Cream Soda

A cream soda can be a cool drink to have on a nice summer day, but we advise you to stay away from SodaStream's Cream Soda Drink Mix. When you think of a carbonated beverage mix, the first thing that comes to your mind likely isn't a cream soda, but perhaps a fruity sparkling water — and that's for a good reason. This drink mix does not compare to a real cream soda at all, and lacks the sweetness that the real deal has.

While most cream soda's are described to have a bubbly and sweet taste, reviews of this product on Amazon claim that it doesn't taste like cream soda, and descriptions of the flavor range from a bad aftertaste to being called "absolutely disgusting." These more negative-leaning reviews can also be found on the SodaStream website itself, with it being one of the lowest-rated drinks they offer, with a total of 3.3 / 5 stars, which is quite generous considering the strange taste. We can agree that if you like the taste of cream soda, stick to getting them in the can.

13. Ginger Ale (Soda Press)

When you typically think of a ginger ale, you likely recall drinking it to settle an upset stomach, or being offered it on a plane trip. While SodaStream's other ginger ale products are decent, the Soda Press Ginger Ale Syrup leaves a lot to be desired. If you're looking for a good ginger ale, you tend to seek a drink with light hints of ginger, a bit of a citrus-y taste, and something that's a bit less sweet than most soft drinks. However, the Soda Press syrup fails to find that balance of flavor, and instead leaves consumers with something that does not taste like a good ginger ale.

If asked to describe this drink in one word, we'd tell you: ginger. This drink has one of the strongest ginger flavorings we've ever encountered, but not necessarily in a good way. Because of the overpowering ginger, we couldn't taste anything else. The reviews for this product highlight this, along with claiming that the beverage also has a somewhat chemical note to it. If you want a carbonated drink that has a strong, overpowering ginger flavor, then this might be your drink, but if you're looking for a new favorite ginger ale, this will be a miss.

12. Mangobubly (Bubly)

We all remember Chris Kattan's character Mango from "SNL" — fun and fruity. The SodaStream Mangobubly is neither of these things. Where the character of Mango was effervescent, eh stylish, and flamboyant, the Mangobubly leaves us low-spirited and wishing for something more. Mango is one of SodaStream's many "Bubly" drop offerings, which allow one to make their own bubbly sparkling water drinks, without purchasing a large box of soda cans. While the canned drink of Mangobubly is considered a favorite to many, however, most agree that the Mangobubly drops are not the same.

Numerous Amazon reviews claim that the sparkling flavor is "bad" and "disgusting," which we can attest to. The taste of the Mangobubly was not mango or any other fruit, for that matter. While not as many consumers complained about a chemical taste to their drink as the ginger ale, we found that the beverage tasted more of pine than fruit (And we commonly associate pine as an aroma, a scent often used in cleaning supplies — so while better than "chemical," this is not a massive improvement.). Overall, the Mangobubly leaves made us want to go have any other mango-based food or drink instead — or even just a mango!

11. Diet Cola Mix

There's a saying that when you're choosing a drink, go for the real thing instead of the diet version. Flavors such as Sodastream Diet Cola prove this. With popular soda brands such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola offering diet sodas of a better flavor, we suggest going for any other brand other than the SodaStream Diet Cola Mix. Though it wasn't the worst thing we tasted, this drink also was far from a Coke on a hot summer evening. It tasted "off" for a cola, and left a poor aftertaste. One review from their site even compared the drink to a "bad cough medicine."

While this review is solely based on taste, it's interesting to note that many people who order this drink find that this particular flavor, more than others, arrives leaking, and are unable to drink it. Regardless of that, however, the flavoring of this bubbly beverage can bum out anyone looking for a soft soda to drink.

10. Lemonbubly

When life gives you lemons, don't waste them to make Lemonbubly drops. Being another one of the multiple Bubly drop flavors that SodaStream has to offer, lemon was one of several flavors on this list that we liken to a cleaning spray rather than a drink. If it wasn't for flavors such as mango or cream soda, this flavor would definitely be lower, but unlike the flavors listed prior, this beverage does seem to have a number of people who deem it as their favorite- though there aren't too many.

Reviews for Lemonbubly are more mixed than other SodaStream drinks on this list. While some Amazon buyers liken it to "pine" or some other scent associated with cleaning sanitizer, others claim that it has no taste whatsoever, and just tastes like plain sparkling water. At the same time, others claim that the Lemonbubly is their favorite flavor out of all the Bubly's, and find it zesty, tasting better than the canned drink. Nevertheless, we feel that there are other SodaStream drinks to choose one, which is why this places lower on the list.

9. Diet Tonic Water

We know, we know. We just said that we generally prefer the real thing compared to a diet version of a drink. However, having lower expectations before trying SodaStream's Diet Tonic Water Mix led us to be pleasantly surprised by this drink! Tonic water is made of quinine, sugar, and carbonated water, giving it a simple, bittersweet taste. SodaStream's Diet Tonic hits that flavor perfectly, and is perfect for homemade gin and cocktails!

Most of the reviews for SodaStream Diet Tonic Water Mix are in favor of the drink's taste, with the majority of people who have tried it claiming it's just as good as regular tonic water. We also like that it is able to replicate the flavor of tonic water without all the sugar! The biggest downside that many of the reviews on SodaStream's site note is that it can be a bit difficult to find in stores, and often goes out of stock. If you're looking for a healthier tonic water to mix in your beverages, we do recommend you try out what SodaStream has to offer.

8. Raspberry & Mint (Soda Press)

Raspberry and Mint isn't the most well-known combination for a drink, with most seeing mint's partner to be chocolate and raspberry. Though you won't find any chocolate in Soda Press's Raspberry and Mint Soda Syrup – and that's not a bad thing. This soda syrup has 50% less sugar than your regular soda, and is both vegan and gluten-free! The Raspberry-Mint flavor is light, without any overpowering taste. The hint of mint is very refreshing, and the raspberry flavor, though not that prevalent, paired with the mint nicely.

This beverage has proven to be very popular among SodaStream users. Many drinkers claim that this drink works perfectly as its own stand-alone beverage, while also agreeing that it is great when mixed in cocktail concoctions. While Amazon reviews are somewhat mixed, it is far more popular than Soda Press's Ginger Ale Syrup, and a lot tastier. Overall, most consumers are satisfied with the not-so-sweet flavor, and the one thing anyone could ask for out of this drink is a slightly more noticeable raspberry flavor.

7. Lemon Lime (Fruit Mix)

Lemons and limes are a zesty fruit perfect to add to a cocktail to give your beverage a little more flavor. Lemon-lime sparkling water is also a popular soft drink across the world, with many enjoying the sour, fizzy taste. At Mashed, we also enjoy a nice lemon-lime drink as a refreshing pick-me-up during the day. When looking for a good drink to fit this description, SodaStream's Lemon Lime Flavored Soda Mix filled that role perfectly.

The drink mixes the more tart taste of limes and the sweeter lemon taste beautifully, resulting in a sourly-sweet concoction that reminds us of many pre-made lemon-lime drinks you can find in stores! The SodaStream Lemon Lime Soda is described by many to have a great flavor, and resemble the taste of drinks such as 7-Up and Sprite. While its diet version was also invigorating, we felt that the standard Lemon Lime drink was more flavorful. With a 4.3 rating on the company's website, the Lemon Lime Soda Mix is definitely one of SodaStream's better products.

6. PassionFruit and Mandarin Kombucha (Soda Press)

It is non-negotiable that Soda Press's PassionFruit and Mandarin Kombucha soda syrup is by far its most popular Soda Press flavor offered on the SodaStream website. Kombucha is a sweet, fermented tea (either green or black) that is most known for its health benefits. While SodaStream also offers a standard kombucha flavoring, we highly recommend the passionfruit and mandarin flavor over the other, which didn't make this list. Kombucha itself is already a tea that people either really like, or dislike entirely, but if you're a fan, then you'll love this drink!

The flavor of this fizzy drink can be described as light, fruity, and refreshing. Fans of kombucha tea appreciate the more affordable way to get the benefits of the effervescent tea, and while some might prefer the drink with a little more kombucha flavor, we enjoy the flavors of passionfruit and mandarin in the beverage and recommend it if you want to try out some kombucha.

5. Cola Flavor (Soda Pack)

Another Soda mix, SodaStream's Cola Soda Mix is the one of the best Soda flavors the company has to offer. Presented with a similar red packaging and with a fizzy-brown, mouth-watering color, SodaStream is on par with that of Coca-Cola. It's so good, that if all of your canned soda was replaced with SodaStream Cola, you would barely be able to tell the difference! The taste of Coca-Cola is described to have hints of cinnamon and vanilla by soda blogs, and SodaStream Cola offers you that sweet taste, without as much sugar or calories as your typical soda can.

All across the internet, SodaStream fans and reviews agree that both SodaStream Cola and Dr. Pete are both absolutely amazing, though what makes SodaStream Cola rank just a bit lower than the latter is the SodaStream Cola lacking the signature bold, tart, yet also sweet flavor of your standard Coke. Regardless, this drink did not disappoint, and you wouldn't miss too much if you switched out your regular sodas for SodaStream Cola on a regular basis.

4. Dr. Pete (Soda Pack)

The most well-known Dr. P may be Dr. Pepper, but Dr. Pepper might find itself a rival in SodaStream's Dr. Pete's Drink Mix. This is one of the highest-rated drinks of the SodaStream lineup, clocking in with five whole stars. Like SodaStream Cola to Coca-Cola, Dr. Pete is able to match the taste of Dr. Pepper equally if not better than the Cola. It was difficult to come up with any other description of this drink other than: It tastes like a Dr. Pepper, with a slight aftertaste. Without the preservatives of your typical soft drink, this beverage was a satisfying and fizzy surprise, despite superstitions regarding the name.

The reviews for this beverage are wholeheartedly positive, with most enjoying the healthier, albeit off-brand Dr. Pepper. Its diet variant has also been well-received, with many comparing diet Dr. Pete to diet Dr. Pepper. We may be talking a lot about Dr. Pepper when describing Dr. Pete, but if a beverage is being likened to such a well-received drink, you know we're being serious when we praise it, and recommend it to potential and current SodaStream users.

3. Cherry (Bubly)

Time for the top three! In the #3 spot, we have SodaStream's Cherrybubly. The last Bubly flavor we listed was Lemonbubly, which had very mixed reviews. We are happy to say that for it's cherry variant, the Cherrybubly drops met all of our expectations, and was one of our absolute favorites. While cherry flavored candy is delicious, we appreciate it when a food or drink tastes more like the real fruit, and the Cherrybubly drops do just that. It tastes just like the Cherrybubly in a soda can, and more like the actual cherry fruit rather than cherry-flavored candy in drink form.

You would have to really try to find any negative reviews on this drink. Most cherry lovers agree that the Cherrybubly drops are amazing, with many regarding it as their household favorites. And the cherry on top? This drink has no unwanted caffeine, no artificial sweeteners, and no preservatives. This not only easily places the Cherrybubly into the top spots of the list, but makes it a healthy fizzy beverage choice that can easily be made in the comfort of your home!

2. Homestyle Lemonade Zero Calorie (Fruit Mix)

Just the word "lemonade" takes us back to our youth, when lemonade stands lined neighborhood streets, and drinks were sold at 25 cents a cup. SodaStream's Zero Calorie Homestyle Lemonade took us right back to our childhood summers, while also giving us a sparkling, fresh lemony taste that pairs wonderfully with cocktails and other alcoholic drinks. With the thirst-quenching tartness of any lemonade, this drink mix is perfect for a drink at any time of the year!

This lemonade mix is not only nostalgic, but also healthy. Being a zero-calorie drink, SodaStream's Homestyle Lemonade contains no high fructose corn syrup or aspartame, an artificial sweetener. This fact alone draws in consumers, and those who try the drink and leave reviews claim that the mix tastes just like the real thing! We don't really have anything negative to say about this mix, and it was difficult to choose between this and our number one pick. If you want to have a refreshing, lemon drink, then we strongly suggest checking SodaStream's Homestyle Lemonade out!

1. Blackberry (Bubly)

Our number one pick went above and beyond in all of the best ways. One of SodaStream's newest Bubly offerings, the company's Blackberrybubly drops instantly became one of our favorite flavors the moment we tried it. When you think of a fruit drink, the first fruit that comes to mind isn't typically a blackberry — we associate that more with cobbler. Imagine our surprise when Blackberrybubly took the #1 spot on our list! The flavor is incredible. It tastes of blackberries, but not in an overwhelming, overpowering way, while at the same time, retains the true flavor of a real blackberry.

With the Blackberrybubly being released around January of this year, it took to grocery shelves, and instantly became a favorite to SodaStream and Bubly fans alike. They can be found all across different stores, and is usually one of the flavors that gets quickly purchased. Its reviews on the SodaStream website are incredibly supportive of the newer flavor, with reviewers claiming that the drink tastes exactly like the canned version, with a subtle berry flavoring. After taking just a sip of this flavor, we promise you that you will be entirely impressed, and have a new favorite flavor.