The Hilarious Reason Aldi Customers Don't Want Its Beef Shaved Steak To Go Viral

Sometimes, gatekeeping is in your best interests! A recent post to r/Aldi by user catieterp with the subject, "Don't sleep on the shaved beef!" made waves for being (get this) too good an idea. In the original post extolling the virtues of Aldi's Beef Shaved Steak, the user stated "Reminded me of Steak-Umms but better. Made an awesome steak and cheese sandwich," before declaring, "Will definitely be a staple from now on! [The] price was pretty reasonable too think it was 5-6 dollars, and we will get two meals out of it for two of us." With praise this glowing, it's little wonder why commenters would be calling for the post to be taken down... They're scared if word gets out, they'll be out of luck by the time they make it to their local Aldi, America's most popular grocery chain!

"Delete this post before I can never find it again," joked commenter Mysterious_Window575, before emphasizing it with a crying-laughter emoji. "Literally came here to say this," added user Jamierocksanne. The irony wasn't lost on the original poster, as catieterp chimed in with a bemused "Maybe I didn't think this through." It seems everyone is worried that the more word gets out about something this high quality at Aldi, the more likely it is to sell out of stock!

Product popularity could lead to scarcity

Aldi's shaved beef is no stranger to praise, with many commenters sounding off with their favorite techniques for using this apparent miracle product in their dishes. Various Reddit users claim to use shaved beef in pho, beef and broccoli, steak and cheese sandwiches, and stroganoff. With all of these ways to apply shaved steak to what you might be cooking for dinner, alongside the reasonable price of around 6 dollars for 14 ounces, the praise is hardly unearned. However, as was expected (and feared) by the Aldi fans in the forum, this popularity could lead to scarcity, so if the allure of an Aldi shaved beef meal interests you, be quick to make your next run to the market!

So, the next time you taste something so good that it makes you say, "I need to tell the world!" be wary that the world consists of many people who are just as hungry for a tasty bargain as you are. Grocery shopping may seem like a friendly activity, but when it comes to deals this good, it's every shopper for themselves! Good luck out there!