Taylor Swift's (Rumored) Favorite Cocktail Combines Gin And Elderflower

No one can set a trend quite like Taylor Swift. The A-lister's Milk Bar birthday cake went viral, and a filter that makes your face look like hers is making the rounds on TikTok. And, who could forget the photo of the star eating chicken with "seemingly ranch"? If Swift likes it, then the Swifties tend to like it, too. So finding out the Eras Tour mastermind's drink of choice just may change what the rest of us order at the bar.

Swift hasn't publicly confirmed what her favorite cocktail is in recent years. Yet, her order at a restaurant over the holiday season has rumors swirling about what the star might prefer to drink when she has a night out. On December 30, 2023, Swift and her eight pals, all of whom were partners of Kansas City Chiefs players, headed to Rye restaurant in Leawood, Kansas. The restaurant's co-owner, Megan Garrelts, told Page Six, "We have some history with serving [the Chiefs] through the years." So, it's only fitting that Swift and her new crew spent an evening there. According to Garrelts, after the ladies enjoyed a cheese plate appetizer, Swift ordered pasta for her entrée. Alongside it, she sipped a French Blonde. "From our understanding, [that is] her favorite cocktail," Garrelts explained.

What's so special about a French Blonde?

If you've never heard of a French Blonde, then get ready. We have a feeling that this cocktail is about to get a whole lot more popular. It's usually made with gin, though, some people will swap that out in favor of vodka. The liquor is combined with St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur and Lillet Blanc, a wine-based aperitif. These ingredients are mixed with grapefruit juice and bitters in a cocktail shaker. The drink is then typically served with ice in a coupe glass and topped off with a slice of grapefruit or lemon.

In 2016, Taylor Swift did a 73 Questions interview with Vogue. She was asked about her favorite cocktail and replied, "Vodka Diet Coke." Quite some time has passed since that interview, so it would be no surprise if the singer-songwriter's favorite drink got an upgrade. The French Blonde is a much more complex and sophisticated cocktail order than a typical Vodka Diet Coke. So, while the star hasn't confirmed that this classy gin drink is her preferred beverage on a night out, it does seem like the perfect fit for her current era.