The Mason Jar Hack That Will Keep Leftover Sparkling Wine Bubbly

Whether you're toasting at a party or enjoying a nice mimosa at Sunday brunch, sparkling wine can really hit the spot. However, unlike other varieties of wine that can be recorked and saved for several days or longer, sparkling wine quickly loses its effervescence once opened. Yet, one versatile piece of kitchen equipment can help keep leftover bubbly for longer — the humble Mason jar.

This is one of those tricks so simple it's almost unbelievable. Just carefully pour the remaining sparkling wine from the bottle into the jar, and then immediately cap and seal it. When closed properly, Mason jars are airtight, which keeps the pressure constant and prevents bubbles from escaping.

Another perk of this technique? When you're ready to enjoy the wine you've saved, you can enjoy it directly out of the jar. Mason jars are fun, retro-style vessels that keep you from having to break out the wine glasses or flutes.

Drink up those leftovers

While this trick might buy you some time, don't dawdle too much. Regardless of how airtight your container is, you should typically drink sparkling wine within five days of opening for maximum freshness and carbonation. Waiting longer (or failing to keep the jars refrigerated) is among the biggest mistakes everyone makes when drinking sparkling wine. Other common errors include dramatically popping the bottle when initially opening (which can ruin the carbonation) and not serving at the right temperature, usually between 45 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

This simple Mason jar hack is ideal for those who only occasionally need a solution for keeping their sparkling wine bubbly. More frequent drinkers may prefer to invest in specialized sparkling wine stoppers designed to tightly seal and keep the bubbles inside, while high-end restaurants and wine bars sometimes invest in systems that can reintroduce CO2 into the bottle after resealing. Now that you know how to waste less of your bottle of sparkling wine, it's easy to take your love of the stuff to the next level and go beyond champagne to the best sparkling alternatives, too.