The Best Way To Clean A Nespresso Machine

You don't always have to use a drip coffee maker to brew yourself a cup of joe. If you're a fan of coffee creations that taste like they came straight from a fancy cafe but don't want to leave the comfort of your home, you can try a pod-based coffee machine like a Keurig or a Nespresso. The one downside of making your coffee at home, as opposed to paying a barista to get the job done, is that you're stuck with the cleanup.

While cleaning your Nespresso machine may require a bit of effort, this effort is preferable to neglecting it and winding up with a gross mess in your coffee maker. Aside from overall health and cleanliness, there's a practical reason to clean your coffee machine. Without proper care, it will start to wear down and lose efficiency, which can be irritating when you need your morning coffee ASAP. The best way to deep-clean your machine to ensure optimal performance is to descale it. Descaling helps remove any gunk and buildup that can slow down your machine and even alter your coffee's taste. Fortunately, Nespresso sells a descaling kit that simplifies the process by eliminating limescale that has built up from magnesium and calcium in your water.

Your Nespresso needs cleaning more than you might think

To start the process of cleaning your Nespresso machine, you'll first want to empty any used coffee capsules and give the tray a good rinse before putting it back. Next, you'll add your descaling solution to the tank with some water and turn it back on. After the machine has descaled, you can empty the tank and refill it with fresh water. If the drip tray and capsule are still dirty, you can clean them with some dish soap. Fortunately, you only need to perform this descaling process once or twice a year.

If your Nespresso machine has a milk container or frother, you should clean it each time you use it. You can either hand-wash it or disassemble it and load it into the top of the dishwasher. As for your steam wand, you should also clean it after each use to avoid milk buildup. You can use a cloth to wipe the outside of the wand while blasting some steam through the inside to clear it out. If it's been a while since you've cleaned your machine and you notice it's working slower or your coffee isn't as hot, your best bet is to descale and clean it as soon as possible.