The Absolute Best Bread To Use For Avocado Toast

Avocado toast has taken brunch menus by storm and it's clear why people are so obsessed with it. The combination of smooth, succulent avocado atop crispy, toasted bread has been deemed a favorite morning grub by many. Not only is avocado toast delicious but it's satiating and wholesome, allowing you to feel full until your next meal. If you're in the mood to rustle up a slice or two of avocado toast in your kitchen, there is indeed some wisdom to abide by to avoid making an all-too-common mistake. According to Michael Feinberg, executive chef at Around the Clock Diner in East Rutherford, New Jersey, the secret to the ultimate avocado toast lies in selecting the right bread. For avocado toast, Feinberg swears by freshly baked sourdough.

A loaf of sourdough boule, especially when it's cut by hand and lightly buttered, emerges as the champion of avo' toast. While avocados and bread can be on the dry side, an extra dose of fat is essential. "You can use olive oil if you're eating avocado toast to be healthy, but butter is better," Feinberg believes. The dairy product provides a creaminess that complements the velvety texture of bright green, ripe avocados. "Just a little bit of butter goes a long way."

The queen of homemade breads, sourdough, also boasts a superior surface area. A thick cut of the crusty, carby goodness plays a crucial role in flavor absorption. The breadth (pun intended) allows the avocado's natural oils to be soaked up.

Your avocado toast deserves sourdough boule

So, what if all you have in your bread box is the flimsy, squishy white bread you religiously use for PB&Js and BLTs? For one, chef Feinberg thinks you — and your avocado toast — deserve better. In fact, he strongly advises against using square breads — aka Pullman loaves, pan breads, and sandwich breads — for avocado toast. The reason? Turns out, these ubiquitous breads, which are often mass-produced, pre-sliced, and far too soft, lack the structural integrity needed for the best avocado toast experience. Furthermore, their smaller size may result in the need for two slices to match the appeal of one larger, beautifully adorned piece. "Inconsistency is never key!" Feinberg explains.

When it comes to *chef's kiss* avocado toast — which can be as modest or complex as you'd like it to be, depending on your palate and readily available toppings — the choice of bread is pivotal. Sourdough, with its inherently hearty crust, chewy crumb, and acidic tang, rises above the rest. Its ability to balance the richness of avocados with a satisfying crunch along with the convenience of a single, optimally sized slice, makes it the ideal canvas for the beloved, protein-packed breakfast dish.