Frozen Sirloin Ensures An Authentic Copycat Subway Steak And Cheese

Let's say you find yourself craving Subway's take on the classic Philly steak and cheese sandwich instead of a more authentic version. While the popular chain has changed its recipe over the years, this meaty sub isn't hard to recreate. Subway typically adds lettuce, red onion, melty cheese, and sliced green bell peppers tucked into freshly baked bread. Layering everything is easy, but getting the right meat might have you stumped. Former Subway manager Angela Latimer shared her best tips with Mashed on sourcing the sirloin used in the sandwich and dropped details on the spice blend she uses to season the meat to make it more flavorful.

In Latimer's copycat Subway steak and cheese recipe, she acknowledges that the sandwich's more dedicated fans might choose to thinly shave the sirloin. If this option is accessible, it will elevate the taste and quality, bringing it much closer to the real thing than Subway's steak and cheese. Using frozen, pre-sliced sirloin is the right move if your goal is to replicate Subway's interpretation. Not to mention, it's significantly easier.

It doesn't matter what brand of frozen chopped sirloin you use

Whether it's generic or a bit fancier, having the best brand of frozen meat isn't why Subway sandwiches are so delicious. Angela Latimer uses Walmart's Great Value Sirloin Philly Steak to create this copycat steak and cheese sub, but other similar products will work. Although Great Value labels its meat as "seasoned," it seems fitting that the sirloin steak should be infused with even more flavor during cooking. Onion powder, garlic powder, and paprika are Latimer's go-to spices to get the job done.

There are many brands of frozen sirloin steak cuts specifically made for making the famous Philly cheese steak, all of which can be conveniently cooked in minutes. If you've ever had the experience of biting into a Subway steak and cheese sub only to find the meat is bland and chewy, using this copycat recipe is an opportunity to right these wrongs. So, enhancing the frozen sirloin's flavor upgrades it to the best version of itself. Your inner sandwich artist will thank you for your efforts.