The 10 Best Canned Cherry Brands You Can Buy

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Cherries in a can are inextricably linked to making cherry pie. There is a nostalgia connected to that specific cloying yet tart flavor which can only be obtained from fruit in a can (sorry farmers markets). Yet, many bakers use different canned cherries for different reasons. These qualities may include a brand's viscosity, sweetness, healthiness, affordability, or even flexibility.

Canned or jarred cherries can be intriguing because of the range of methods used to preserve them. These sweet and sour morsels in liquid can pull in cooks with varying levels of ability. One may want to rework water-preserved cherries using a plethora of flavoring techniques. Yet, others may insist on leaving the cherries with accompanying syrup alone, in all their glory atop a cocktail or within their pies topped with vanilla ice cream. We have taken it upon ourselves to scour reviews by home bakers and experts alike to gather the 12 best canned cherries to use for your baking projects, cocktails, and maybe even snacking on right out of the can! We considered the pros and cons of taste, texture, and other aspects customers had with various canned cherry brands, but we'll expand on that more at the end. If you would like to see how we measured the cans against one another refer to the final slide where we discuss our methodology.

10. Duncan Hines Wilderness Original Country Cherry Filling & Topping

This is arguably the most accessible, yet still specialty, brand on our list! You can find Duncan Hines Wilderness in Walmart, Albertsons, Safeway, and more even as the more distinct alternative to their standard Comstock style. For a staggering $12.84 for a three-pack at Walmart, there may be no better bang for your buck on our list for your sweet tooth.

This brand is very much for sweet treats only. Even as some places may consider it quite malleable for well-rounded flavor, at 15g of added sugar per ⅓ cup this is a product that is primarily meant for dessert items. That said, it is a filling used with a plethora of alternative desserts and can be used especially well atop a cheesecake.

A staggering 84% of reviewers on Amazon gave the can five stars and many reviewers marvel at the can being full of cherries rather than it being a majority of liquid which can be an issue for pie fillings. However, there are more than a few who say they found unwanted pits, and some who wish the sweetness was a bit restrained. Thus, this brand must sit solidly here at number 10.

9. Filthy Black Amarena Cocktail Cherries

This is the first cherry on our list which is within the molecular gastronomical style of Amarena. The cherries must go through a lengthy preservation process which results in both a physical and chemical transformation. In short, the cherries remain firm while carrying much more depth of flavor. This British-founded brand does source its product from Italy, but doesn't come with the rich history or pure original flavor as some of the other brands doling out the cherries. Still, the product has rave reviews on Amazon.

The brand intentionally sells the product to a niche audience with a slogan "made for bartenders not bakers." This may be a smart marketing technique, but holds them back on this list due to a lack of intended utility. One other thing that is intriguing about the company is that it even sells the cherry juice separately. This makes its focus become less on the cherry itself and more on the overarching craftsmanship of the full product. We want to highlight the brands on our list that focus on the sheer value of the cherry itself as the main focus. While this item makes bartenders jump for joy even with many calling it perfect for an Old Fashioned, it's not as much recommended for your average consumer.

8. Tillen Farms Bada Bing Cherries

It is not just the "Sopranos" coded name of these cherries that is enticing. They are also nutritionally beneficial as they are gluten-free, vegan, kosher certified, and non-gmo. Bing cherries in general are also fantastic sources of vitamin A which can be linked to healthy organ function.

These cherries are a much more flavorful alternative to your standard maraschino. A Bada Bing is not only twice the size but also known for the depth of sweetness it maintains as it is only picked at perfect ripeness during a short growing season. Because of this natural sugar concentration, Tillen Bings are meant to be enjoyed most satisfyingly with whiskey-based cocktails.

Perhaps the greatest quality of these cherries is affordability. At a mere $10.34 a jar on Amazon, Tillen Bings can be a craveable snack that don't need to be reserved for special occasions. The only drawback here is the durability of the glass jar they come in as well as the limited uses beyond eating whole or as a cocktail accompaniment.

7. King Orchards Montmorency Tart Cherries

While some may be more familiar with King Orchards for its Tart Cherry Concentrate, its canned cherries provide some of the same encouraging health benefits. Recently, Daily Meal ranked the brand second in the most healthy canned cherries out there. These cherries are 12% iron which is considerably high. For those who don't know, iron is a red blood cell protein which is a vital part of hemoglobin and distributes oxygen throughout the body from the lungs. Thus, the biggest daily benefit of having enough iron can be in overall energy. These cherries could be a huge vitality boost as part of a consistent diet.

These cherries even have video customer testimonials that show the breadth of their reverence. One woman drove all the way from Knoxville, Tennessee to get the cherries fresh from Northern Michigan King Orchards farm after she'd been eating their canned cherries to help with her arthritis. There is no more glowing confirmation than that! While these cherries are great for your health, however, they are not fulfilling for anyone who craves their sweetness. If you need cherries for a dessert or cocktail we suggest you try others on the list.

6. Nappi Amarena Golden Cherries

These Italian imports are wildly popular for purchase in dessert and cocktail needs. The brand also holds the record for the oldest existing manufacturer on our list claiming a history of the product dating back to 1911. It is quite hard however to stand out in this particular category with many classic cherries in a similar sweet and tart realm to compete with. Even as Nappi Amarenas are not deemed by some as the absolute best, the product still holds a 79% five star rating on Amazon.

Amarena cherries are heavily known to be cocktail cherries but many customers use this particular one for more varieties of baked goods. While many will still consider putting Amarenas on items like cakes these can even be baked successfully into items like biscotti giving the cherries an impressive range of uses.

Something hard to beat with Nappi is its price. Most other Amarena imports require a minimum of $10 a jar, but Nappi is regularly discounted for around $9 on most sites. If you want something authentically Italian, that isn't quite a standout, but is ultimately a better bang for your buck, this is your best option.

5. Fabbri Amarena Wild Cherries In Syrup

The packaging doesn't have an official say in our rankings, but to not mention that this is the most enticing of the list would be stripping away some of its value. Fabbri Amarena Wild Cherries are a certified Italian imported cherry with intense flavor and a distinct blend of both sweet and tart. Something that also separates this cherry from some of the rest of the pack is the brand's rich history. Fabbri's cherries have been manufactured and sold since 1915 without a single change in the original recipe crafted by Gennaro Fabbri.

This cherry has a real multifaceted use to it due to the flavor balance. It could just as easily be dropped in a chilled cocktail as it could be placed atop pancakes or classic cheese blintzes, a cheesecake, or a yogurt parfait. The cherries hold rave reviews in which many comment consistently on their unique taste. However, a bit of inconsistency in texture holds Fabbris back from a higher ranking. These cherries also hold a generally higher price point (26.99 for a 21-ounce jar) than your average cherry due to their import status. There are others within a similar realm with a lower price point, but this proven recipe makes Fabbris worth a buy for a special treat.

4. Peninsula Premium Cocktail Cherries

While these cherries have a limited range for their intended use, Peninsula Premium seems to be the best option out there for the cocktail category. Even for cocktails you wouldn't necessarily think of (like a martini) when it comes to using cherries; these work fantastically! These cherries are not mainly for cooking. However, they seem proven as the most ideal to use as an addition to any beverage from something boozy to a carbonated treat for kids.

These cherries are also American grown which takes away some of the extra pricing for other similar imported cherries. Peninsula Premiums come from the Northwest Coast of Michigan in a region that overlooks Lake Michigan and provides an ideal climate for growth and seasonal picking.

A small drawback is that these cherries may include pits, which means they require a bit more work than just dropping atop drinks. Though a unique flavor sets them apart as the only cherries on the list which have a distinct nuttiness due to the sandy soil they're grown in. The cherries were fittingly awarded the 2019 SIP award for cocktail garnish due to uniqueness.

3. Oregon Specialty Fruit Red Tart Cherries

These cherries are distinctly canned in just water. This is a necessary cherry to include for home chefs who crave a bit of ease in their baking and a simple straightforward product. An Oregon Specialty Fruit Red Tart Cherries is already pitted and known for consistency within its preparation. The cherry's lack of sugar and preservatives as well as high fiber at 2 grams per 1/2 cup serving, can also deeply help with daily digestive health.

According to the Oregon Specialty, these cherries are a stellar accompaniment to chocolate-based desserts. If you would, imagine the sharp relief of a pure, unaltered canned cherry placed atop a rich devil's food cake. But because of the simplicity of the cherry you can get even more creative with different flavor combinations. You may even want to consider combining Oregon Specialties with the distinct flavor of chai tea in a classic British baked good. The company's insistence on only fielding from small growers in the Pacific Northwest assures that this bite will give the exact freshness your favorite childhood dessert deserves.

2. Specially Selected Dark Morello Cherries

These cherries are not only available at your favorite discount grocery store Aldi, but have a plethora of reviews that revere the cherry itself as well (as the syrup surrounding it). Now, this variety is not the only pie-friendly cherry offered by the brand, but these fly off the shelves for a staggering three bucks. They are also pitted and ready to use without any prep whatsoever. There is a stark depth of flavor difference from most canned cherries due to the darkness of the syrup. These are not the cherries you avoid at children's birthday parties.

One of the great modern chefs/authors Clair Saffitz even chooses this particular variety of cherry when putting together her recipe for cherries jubilee. A cherry balsamic gastrique (which calls for a combo of sweet and tart cherries), could also be an ideal use for these jarred delights. While these cherries are a great low-budget option, it still doesn't quite put them over the edge as the best actual tasting example.

1. Luxardo: The Original Maraschino Cherries

This is the unequivocal Amazon review favorite for canned cherries. At over a thousand reviews, remaining at an average of five stars speaks for itself. The Italian/Croatian import must be mentioned on this list specifically because of its unmatched versatility. While, like most maraschinos, it remains on the sweeter side, that pure flavor balances perfectly against any bourbon you please or any salted pie crust you concoct.

Luxardos are "pricey but 100% worth every penny as they are NOT your typical maraschino cherries ... they are luxurious, indulgent, decadent, and delicious," according to the top positive review holder on Amazon. At a staggering $95.24 a can, it's safe to say that these cherries are reserved for those with an extensive budget who love to indulge. The reason for the price, is that the now non-alcoholic syrup used to preserve the cherries was originally made as a fancy liqueur. The high-end production process is still similar to this day.

The thing that is most striking about a Luxardo Maraschino is their color. When we think of those overly sweet cherries usually placed atop ice cream sundaes or ambrosia, we often think of them as clown nose red. These cherries, directly out of the jar, are nearly black. The syrup is also surprisingly thick in contrast to the normal syrup used to make Shirley Temples. These are the maraschinos for the mature palate to be used in cocktails. Its the cherry that high-end bartenders agree stands on its own compared to the rest of the competition.


We checked reviews on Amazon and Reddit by consumers and outside experts and chefs to decipher an official ranked list based on these categories ranked top to bottom in importance. Taking into account taste, utility, health benefits, and bang for your buck, these cherry picks will serve shoppers well, whether they're looking to amp up a cherry pie, throw an over-the-top sundae party, or simply add the cherry on top to a favorite cocktail.