How Many Hell's Kitchen Restaurant Locations Are There?

If you like the kind of dining experience that gives you nervous gas, a "Hell's Kitchen" restaurant is probably high on your culinary bucket list. Luckily, as of February 2024, there are seven locations dotted across the U.S. for you to sample. Another one opened in 2018 at Caesars Palace in Dubai, boasting an unusual location near a vast, private beach. Unfortunately, however, it closed down in 2023.

The U.S. locations in Atlantic City, Foxwoods, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Miami, Southern California, and Washington, D.C. are set up to match the look and feel of a "Hell's Kitchen" set and offer dishes similar to those served up on the show. Despite the distance between them, each restaurant serves the same menu and specials, so you don't have to worry about missing out on anything because of your locale. Per the restaurant's website, two of its locations, Miami and Washington, D.C., offer private dining experiences, either in secluded rooms or at "chef's tables" decorated to correspond with the red and blue teams on the show.

Can you dine at a Hell's Kitchen restaurant?

Each "Hell's Kitchen" restaurant is open to the public and takes reservations, though if you're hoping for some celebrity sightings, you're probably out of luck. It's highly unlikely that you'll run into any of the show's contestants, much less Gordon Ramsay himself. "Hell's Kitchen" is actually filmed on a soundstage made to look like the restaurant, so even if you land a booking, you won't be walking in Ramsay's footsteps — the similarity is in appearance only.

Dining on a soundstage may feel slightly impersonal, but if that's the experience you want, you'll have some lofty hurdles to jump. The "Hell's Kitchen" set is notoriously hard to visit as a diner. If you want to try, the official process requires becoming involved with a casting agency and hoping you get recruited, but nepotism is a powerful force. Former contestant Kevin Cottle stated in a Reddit AMA that pretty much the only way to get a seat at the table is by being a celebrity or "friends and family of the production crew."