Keystone Light And Fishwife's Smooth Snackle Pack Review: It May Change Your View Of Light Beer And Tinned Fish Forever

If you never expected a great beer and fish pairing to come canned, you probably haven't tried Fishwife Smoked Rainbow Trout or Keystone Light. Now, the two companies are teaming up with a Snackle Pack to highlight just how well they go together. The Keystone Light and Fishwife Smooth Snackle Pack is likely to challenge both your view of canned fish and light beer — for the better.

This Snackle Pack is perfect for fishers and fish lovers alike. This insulated tackle box comes with extras that allow you to enjoy smoked trout and a light beer while fishing for trout or other catch. Of course, you can always just use the tackle box as a colorful lunch box if fishing isn't your thing.

I received one can of Keystone Light beer and one can of Fishwife Smoked Rainbow Trout so that I could taste them together and share my verdict. While the company didn't send a tackle box to go with it, it's the edible parts of this combination that you should be most interested in.

What comes with the Keystone Light and Fishwife Smooth Snackle Pack?

This Snackle Pack is one part tackle box and one part snack pack. Instead of tackle, the box comes with a "snackle." The tackle box portion of the Keystone Light and Fishwife's Smooth Snackle Pack features some of the same whimsical artwork you'll find on Fishwife's Smoked Rainbow Trout can, along with the logo and fishing lure art from the Keystone Light beer can. The tackle box even has dedicated insulated areas to pack a tin of smoked trout and beer along with the rest of your fishing supplies. 

As for the snacks that come in the box, you'll get a three-pack of Fishwife's Smoked Rainbow Trout, which is sure to tide you over until you can get home to smoke the fresh trout you caught after a day on the water. While the snackle box doesn't come packed with beer, it includes a $25 Uber Eats gift card that you can use to have a pack of Keystone Light delivered directly to you. Just make sure to call for your beer before you get out of the range of delivery if you're taking the pack on a fishing trip. 

What is the nutritional content of the fish and beer?

The amount of calories you consume with your snackle depends on the number of tins of fish you eat and how many light beers you drink to wash them down. For that matter, we've included the nutritional information for a single can of each.

Much like a regular can of tuna, the only thing you'll find in a tin of Fishwife's Smoked Rainbow Trout is hardwood-smoked rainbow trout. The trout are raised on a fish farm in Idaho but are canned in Canada on the coast of British Columbia. The ingredient list includes both extra virgin olive oil and cane sugar. Plus, it's salted and seasoned with garlic and onion powder. Each 2.8-ounce can of trout contains a single 170-calorie serving, with 10 grams of fat, 70 milligrams of cholesterol, 380 milligrams of sodium, and 20 grams of protein. Although there is a little bit of sugar in the ingredients, there's only 1 gram of carbs and 1 gram of sugar per can.

Keystone Light is a light lager beer with 4.1% alcohol by volume (ABV), that contains barley malt, yeast, and hop extract. It also uses corn syrup as a sweetener. A single beer is 101 calories and contains 4 milligrams of sodium, 4.7 grams of carbs, and 1 gram each of sugar and protein.

Where and when can you find it?

You can start ordering Keystone Light and Fishwife's Smooth Snackle Packs on February 29, 2024, beginning at 11:00 a.m. Central Standard Time. They will only be available to purchase from the Keystone Light website. There's a limited amount and they may run out quickly, so if you think you might like the Snackle Pack with all its extras, you'll want to jump on it quickly this Leap Day so as not to miss out. Then, you can start planning your next fishing adventure for when your products arrive in the mail in four to six weeks. By then, the weather will be warming up nicely to give you the full snackle experience while fishing.

If you wander across this too late to get the deal and still want to try pairing Fishwife Smoked Rainbow Trout and Keystone Light, you're in luck. You can find Keystone Light at nearly any store that sells beer, from Dollar Generals and grocery stores to wholesale clubs and liquor stores. Fishwife Smoked Rainbow Trout is a little more difficult to locate, so you'll want to check the company's website for the closest place that sells it — likely a grocery store, gourmet food shop, or even a liquor store. You can also buy a three-pack of Smoked Rainbow Trout on the Fishwife website.

How much can you expect to spend?

The Keystone Light and Fishwife's Smooth Snackle Pack is an excellent deal. You'll only pay $30 plus the cost of shipping for an insulated tackle box, three cans of premium smoked trout, and a $25 Uber Eats gift card to have a pack of Keystone Light beer delivered to you. If you opt for a smaller pack of beer, you may even have enough left over on your Uber Eats card for other snack items like chips to make a complete picnic lunch.

You really can't beat this deal when you think about how much all of the items would cost separately. A 30-pack of Keystone Light costs around $20, a three-pack of Fishwife Smoked Rainbow Trout costs $30, and an ordinary small insulated tackle box costs about $35. Of course, you're not going to find a tackle box remotely similar to the one that comes in the Snackle Pack. So, taking advantage of this offer gives you $85 in products for only $30 plus shipping. Not bad.

How do they compare to similar products?

The companies that produce Keystone Light and Fishwife Smoked Rainbow Trout make other light beers and tinned fish, so they could have certainly chosen other products or brands for pairing. However, the conclusion was that Fishwife's tinned trout and Keystone's light beer were the best combination because of their simplicity and complementary flavor profiles.

Keystone Light is made by Molson Coors, which makes other light beers like Coors Light, which is also a lager and lists the same ingredients as Keystone Light. So, they're fairly similar yet have subtle nuances that made the chosen pairing optimal.

If you're looking to Fishwife for more smoked trout varieties, you won't find any yet. It does have some other smoked tinned fish like smoked salmon and smoked salmon with Sichuan chili chrisp. The other tinned fish options aren't smoked and include sardines with hot pepper or preserved lemon, and Cantabrian anchovies in extra virgin olive oil.

Verdict: This duo is perfection

I was impressed by the combination of Keystone Light and Fishwife Smoked Rainbow Trout. You'd think that a light beer paired with tinned fish wouldn't be something worthy enough to write about, but it exceeded all my expectations.

It's not an exaggeration to say that Fishwife Smoked Rainbow Trout is the best fish I've ever had. I feel strange saying this about tinned fish. The box says it's the "world's tastiest tinned fish," which may very well be true. It's nothing like a can of tuna and even beats flavored tinned herring and all the smoked salmon I've had. The trout has a slightly earthy taste without tasting muddy like catfish. With its meatiness and smoked flavor, it tastes more like smoked beef brisket than fish. It's also salty and slightly tangy, which adds to the experience.

I didn't notice the subtle sweetness of the trout until I paired it with a can of Keystone Light. Consumed together, they're a perfect match. For full disclosure, I'd never tried a light beer before because I assumed it would be as offputting as a diet soft drink. So, I was pleasantly surprised that it just tasted like a regular beer. Keystone Light has a slight fruitiness and a taste that is reminiscent of apple juice. It also has a pleasant fizz and reminds me of light-colored wheat beers that are smooth and refreshing when chilled on a hot day.