Amy Bell

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Oral Roberts University
Food Science, International Foods, Coffee
  • While you can't buy it in stores, Amy has written enough original recipes in abandoned blogs that her husband collected them and had them published in a cookbook with a limited printing quantity. You can find all three copies in her kitchen.
  • Amy once visited every restaurant in her city that served pho to document who had the most delicious pho. Of course, the final one on her list turned out to be the best one.
  • Her fascination with food and science shines through in her writing. She keeps her favorite food science books within easy reach of her writing desk so she can explain not just what happens when we cook but why.


Amy began writing and editing for a city-based magazine in 1998. While she's been writing informally about food since 2002, she started her foray into professional food writing in 2020. She was a quality assurance writer for WordAgents for two years, where she ghostwrote over 500 articles on a variety of topics, including food and drink. Some of the articles she wrote for clients included "Most Popular Ukrainian Foods," "Are Crocs Edible," "Best Gin Cocktails," "Australian Cappuccinos," and "Best Stovetop Espresso Makers."


Having a degree in International Relations means Amy has worked with people from all over the world. She's also taken several international cooking classes and learned international cooking techniques in the kitchens of international friends who taught her more about their native cuisines.
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