The Grape Hack You Should've Been Using The Whole Time

Picking grapes off the stem is a tedious task. Even holding them under the faucet for an adequate rinse proves challenging (a moment of silence for the grapes lost down the drain). With the stems intact, grapes hardly fit into practical bowls, so extracting them seems like the only viable solution. The bottom line is that no matter the color, plumpness, or size, grapes are hard work — but they don't have to be.

TikTok's viral de-stemming hack is here to save the day. As it turns out, you can get grapes off the vine with just a dish towel. Yes, it's that simple. Sidney Raz demonstrates the trick by placing stemmed grapes in a dish towel, gently applying pressure, and rolling them around until they are loose. If you follow instructions closely, most of the grapes should be removed from the stem when the towel is peeled back. Elevate the hack by picking up the towel's edges to quickly transport the grapes to a bowl. This trick is a time-saver and a lifesaver for people with motor disabilities.

Maintain freshness after de-stemming

While de-stemming grapes in one go is helpful, the freshness of the fruit may be sacrificed. If you plan to try out the hack, be sure that you are ready to reap its delicious benefits on the same day. Grapes are sold on the stem to keep them ripe. Once removed, the decaying process speeds up. When possible, store grapes in the fridge in the original packaging, with stems attached. Rinsing is another catalyst for a grape's downfall, so only do so when you are ready to eat. Also, avoid extra moisture to ensure a fully nutritious and tasty experience.


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Sometimes, plans change and grapes no longer fit into your snack routine after rinsing and de-stemming. Instead of leaving them for dead in the crisper, try freezing them for an icy, sweet treat to enjoy at a later date. The freezer locks in flavor without compromising the freshness of the succulent fruit. Regardless of how you eat or store your grapes, remember to keep a clean dish towel on hand to make your life much easier.