The Best Way To Store Grapes And Keep Them Fresh

There are many benefits to stocking up your refrigerator with bunches of grapes. They're heart healthy, good for your skin, and can help boost cognition in your brain (via Good Housekeeping). But no matter which type of grapes you favor, whether green, red, or even cotton candy grapes, it's important that you know how to store them properly once you bring them home to be able to reap the most benefits from this round, juicy fruit.

Keeping grapes fresh as long as possible starts in the store. When searching through bags, be sure to pick the bunches with green stems firmly attached to its grapes — brown, loose stems should be avoided. When you get home, if you see any grapes falling loose, be sure to pick them off right away. Sweet and Savory says that by doing this, you're preventing the same effect from happening to any of the grapes around it.

Once all the loose stragglers have been removed from the bag, it's time to store your grapes. The first thing to know is that you shouldn't transfer your grapes to any other container. Kitchenistic advises that you have faith in your grocery stores and their distributors. They've done their research on the best types of materials to transport grapes in to keep them fresher longer. So, if possible, keep your grapes in their original packaging. 

Another key to freshness is not washing grapes until it's time to eat them. Washing your grapes before putting them in the fridge creates excess moisture which helps speed up the decaying process in the clusters (via HuffPost). 

Like apples, grapes need to be stored in a cool place inside the fridge. So, if your fridge has a crisper drawer, clear some room for your grapes, and place them in this high-humidity storage bin. This is the best place for them. Don't have a crisper drawer? Not to worry. Just slide all the items in your fridge to the side and place your grapes in the back, which typically is cooler than in the front. You'll also want to avoid storing your grapes next to strongly scented foods, like garlic or onions, as they can pick up those odors.

Follow all of these steps and you can enjoy your grapes for up to 14 days. That's plenty of time to savor each and every last one of them.