Adam Sandler's Favorite Candy Bar Has Been Discontinued For Decades

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Adam Sandler made a career out of his ability to connect with people's inner child, inadvertently becoming a tastemaker for those eternally seeking the lighter side of life. So when he dished on his go-to candy selection at the February 26 premiere of his upcoming film, "Spaceman," fans knew it had to be good.

At the film's Los Angeles debut, People reports that a journalist asked the comedy legend which snack food he would pack for a lengthy trip to outer space. The question was a topical one, as in Sandler's latest role, he depicts an astronaut traversing the solar system. In true Sandler fashion, he responded with an off-beat answer: a Marathon bar. "You ever have one of those?" he casually asked the reporter, adding, "They don't make them anymore. Maybe they make only a few."

A former product of Mars Inc., Marathon bars — not to be confused with the U.K.'s original name for Snickers — were launched in 1973. Each bar featured 8 inches of chewy, braided caramel coated in chocolate, and to prove this mighty length, a ruler was printed along the wrapper's edge. Unfortunately for fans, the Marathon bar was unceremoniously discontinued in 1981.

Cadbury makes a similar treat

Despite the slogan championed by the cowpokes in Marathon's ad campaign, the candy's run on store shelves didn't last "a good long time." While poor sales are rumored to be the reason for this chocolate candy's discontinuation, little else is known about its disappearance. Fortunately, Cadbury Dairy Milk stepped in to fill the void with its Cadbury Curly Wurly bars. In fact, according to an archived version of Cadbury's website, its version predates the Marathon bar by three years.

Although the two candy bars are nearly identical in appearance, some suggest that Curly Wurlys — still popular in England — have a more palatable texture. On the candy's Amazon listing, a legal disclaimer potentially added by the seller, greenBulk, may explain the perceived taste difference. "This product is shipped from Ireland," the disclaimer states. "The reason it tastes so nice is because it is not made from the same ingredients as the ones made for sale in hot countries."

Most people haven't been able to get their hands on a true Marathon bar in decades, but Adam Sandler, who once inspired a "Milkshake Monday" at IHOP, said he still makes do. When pressed by a reporter about how he secures the discontinued candy bars, Sandler reportedly said, "I'm Sandler for God's sake, I can get a Marathon bar, all right."