14 Best Sausage Sandwiches In The US Ranked, According To Customers

Sausage sandwiches can take on many different forms and yield eclectic results. Many types of sausages exist in this world, and the sandwiches that incorporate them go far beyond your basic hot dog and condiments. Depending on what kind of sausage you like, chances are there's an ideal sausage sandwich waiting for you somewhere in the United States. To bring you up to speed on this flavorful topic, we've found the most delicious sausage sandwiches in the country and ranked them in a countdown list. Some of these places we've been to, and for others, we've relied on customer feedback to inform their place in the ranking.

We'll get more in-depth about our methodology later on, but what we're ultimately looking for is a sandwich that expertly showcases sausage. The sandwich ingredients should be harmonious, leading to a perfect bite. Big flavors are non-negotiable. Sausage is a food with a historical foothold in various cultures, and we appreciate sandwiches that amp up creativity, yet still honor traditional pairings and cooking methods. Find out if your favorite sausage sandwich made the cut in our ranking of the best sausage sandwiches in the U.S.

14. Chorizo Torta at Sav/Way Foods in Charlotte, North Carolina

The Derby Acres Shopping Center looks like your average plaza, and the Sav/Way Foods inside it, is just another grocery store. Yet, within Sav/Way's perimeters lies El Molino, a Latino Deli that serves what has been called the best sausage sandwich in Charlotte, North Carolina. It's not called a sandwich though. It's a torta — a Latin American-style panini — and the sausage is chorizo, a zesty pork-based version of the cured meat that's practically a rite of passage in Spain and many other nations in Central and South America. You'll find El Molino at the back of Sav/Way, where blackboard menus displaying different types of tacos, quesadillas, tortas, and more hang above a bustling shop counter. There's a lot to be tempted by here, but the chorizo torta is the way to go.

What makes Sav/Way's chorizo torta exceptional? First off, the torta is very large and well-stuffed. Plenty of dry-aged, Mexican chorizo freshly plucked from the griddle and layered over a bed of queso Asado, but there's more. Lettuce, jalapeños, onions, avocado slices, and mayonnaise make their way into the torta before it gets the sandwich press treatment. Local newspaper journalists and Yelp customers alike have referred to Sav/Way's chorizo torta as "magic" and "one of the best kept secrets in Charlotte", though its lengthy ingredient list might be too busy for some.

Sav/Way Foods

(704) 535-5006

4459 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205

13. Double Sausage Sandwich at Helen's Sausage House in Delaware

When Helen Achenbach opened Helen's Sausage House in 1983, she wanted to serve a hearty, simple breakfast to her community. The restaurant became a Smyrna gem. From the beginning, Helen's Sausage House was popular with Smyrna's early-riser crowd (it opens at 4 a.m.), mostly comprised of local hunters, fishers, and truck drivers. Yes, the menu is simple, and the decor reflects Ms. Achenbach's love for Elvis Presley more than anything else — yet complicated food and high style aren't the point here ... the sausage is.

Helen's pork sausage is made from a secret family recipe passed down for generations. The double sausage sandwich is one of the most popular items, but sausage sandwiches with peppers or cheese are also well-loved. Despite being one of the smallest restaurants in small town Smyrna, in 2010 Food Network Magazine named Helen's Sausage House the best breakfast place in Delaware. The cash-only spot doesn't have many seats, so as popular as it is, most patrons take their orders to go.

In October 2023, Clifford J. Murphy III (Helen's grandson), opened a second location in Newark, Delaware. The new place is bigger, takes credit cards, and offers a limited late-night menu. These changes seek to modernize Helen's, but the restaurant knows better than to mess with a good thing. So, rest assured that the sausage will remain unchanged.

Helen's Sausage House

(302) 653-4200

4866 N Dupont Highway, Smyrna, DE 19977

12. Chorizo Bocadillo at Despaña in Manhattan, NY

Spend enough time in New York City and you'll notice that New Yorkers tend to complain a lot. One complaint that feels entirely justified is the scarcity of genuine Spanish-style chorizo within the five boroughs. To take it one step further, Spaniards who find themselves in New York for any amount of time have faced an unignorable lack of places to get any traditional Spanish groceries. Despaña helps alleviate that. Besides its plethora of imported goods in tempting-looking tins, Despaña also makes a fantastic (though a tad pricey) chorizo bocadillo.

Despaña holds its chorizo in high regard — and it should. The grocery store restaurant hybrid has manufactured its own chorizo brand in New York City since 1971, following a family recipe handed down from Northern Spain. For a little taste of Northern Spain on a bun, give the chorizo bocadillo a try.

What are the customers saying? Mostly that Despaña transports them back to Spain. About the chorizo bocadillo in particular, one Tripadvisor said the "warm sandwich filled with spicy chorizo ... was simple and wonderful." On Yelp, the consensus on "a simple little number with chorizo and manchego" was, "better than Spain. By which I mean they have better more interesting sandwiches than all those jamon palaces in Madrid, that's all."


(212) 219-5050

408 Broome St (btwn Lafayette & Centre St)

New York, NY 10013

11. Lonardo's Famous Italian Sausage at Carmine Lonardo Specialty Meats and Deli in Denver, Colorado

East Coast Italian-Americans hog the bragging rights when it comes to sausage-making abilities, but Carmine Lonardo's Specialty Meats and Deli in Denver, Colorado deserves due recognition. Carmine Lonardo was born in Italy and settled in Denver in the 1950s. He opened his namesake deli in 1976.

When Westward Magazine voted Carmine Lonardo's as Denver's Best Italian Deli in 2023, it specifically called out the sandwiches, describing them as "huge messy masterpieces made on freshly baked rolls that you can custom order with that Italian sausage and a variety of other hot or cold meats." That Italian sausage is Carmine Lonardo's ultimate claim to fame.

The deli remains family-owned. Carmine Jr. and other family members make the sausage links just as Carmine Sr. first prepared them. Sausage is available in sweet and hot varieties and can be purchased from the deli case, but it's perhaps best served inside Lonardo's famous sandwich with provolone, peppers, and a healthy coating of homemade marinara. One Yelp reviewer noted, "My grandpa took me here as a kid and I feel like nothing has changed from the layout to the quality of food and service ... if you want something, hot the sausage sandwich gonna knock your socks off. Think of the Catholic Bazaar sausage sandwiches but like 10 times better." Papa Lonardo would be proud.

Carmine Lonardo Specialty Meats and Deli

(303) 985-3555

7585 W Florida Ave, Lakewood, CO 80232

10. German Style at Milwaukee Brat House in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, multiple locations

When sausages and pub life join forces in the Midwest you get Milwaukee Brat House. This is a step above your average watering hole, a place where the food is prioritized as much as the booze so that good times are enjoyed by drinkers and non-drinkers alike. Besides, Milwaukee has a thing for bratwurst.

This German sausage is different from other regional varieties. The meat, usually pork but sometimes beef or veal is in the mix, is uncured and coarsely cut. Brats are seasoned with pepper and either nutmeg or coriander, plus a hit of citrus zest. Usinger, a sausage maker headquartered in downtown Milwaukee since 1880, supplies all the links served at Milwaukee Brat House's two locations.

Wisconsin's well-preserved German culture makes bratwurst and beer joints seem commonplace in the Dairy State, yet Milwaukee Brat House stands out with its old-world pub vibes and authentic products. Tripadvisors agree, "My favorite menu item is the German Style brat. Simply a quality Usinger's Bratwurst topped with sauteed onions and kraut, on a pretzel roll." While pretzel buns as the only option feels unspecial, we support Milwaukee's locally sourced bratwurst.

Milwaukee Brat House

(414) 273-8709

1013 N Doctor M.L.K. Jr Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53203

9. Grilled Kielbasa with Sauerkraut at Kielbasa Factory in Rockville, Maryland

Kielbasa Factory, a grocery store and deli in Rockville, Maryland is a pure celebration of Polish food. Kielbasa translates to "sausage" and although it comes in many varieties, one of the most well-known is Kiełbasa Wiejska, or, country sausage. This smoky pork sausage can be eaten cold, pan-fried, or grilled — the options are aplenty. You can't go wrong with a kielbasa sandwich.

A traditional kielbasa sandwich is straightforward. Meat, sliced white bread slathered with coarse-ground mustard, and often, a helping of kapusta (sauerkraut) — an ingredient that's a bit of an acquired taste. Kielbasa Factory puts a little finesse into its sandwich operation. Imported Polish mustard and sauerkraut are used, but the rye bread is toasted, and a little Polish mayonnaise is added. Best of all, the kielbasa is sliced and grilled. It's everything you could hope for between two slices of bread: layers of deep smoky flavor, pops of salty spiciness from the sauerkraut and mustard. The touch of mayonnaise makes for a mellowed finish.

What do customers think? One Yelper proclaimed, "Seriously one of the best Kielbasa sandwiches I've had for a very reasonable price," while another said, "Smells like my grandma's house ... kielbasa sandwich is served hot and delicious with mustard and a homemade sauerkraut." For the record, a Polish grandmother's house smells heavenly.

Kielbasa Factory

(240) 453-9090

1073 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

8. Sausage Sandwich at Dee's Deli in Cranston, RI

When a place like Dee's Deli thrives in Rhode Island, where summer seasonal snackage steals the spotlight, we say to Dee, go on with your bad self. Dee's says its "old style Italian grinders" are "done right" because "we only use the freshest ingredients money can buy." We love a no-nonsense introduction, but the proof is in the uh, sausage, and the customers' taste buds have the final say. The sausage sandwich with homemade tomato sauce is "old style" for sure — and a safe bet — however, the Andy Boy Rabe Sandwich with sausage added is the standout here. The Yelp reviews tell all.

"Just had Dee's new Rabbi [sic] sausage with broccoli rabbi & sharp provolone — best sandwich I've ever devoured. Over the top flavor from the locally made sausage. The small size was packed and completely filling." Need a second opinion? "I had Rabe and Rabe sausage and it was perfect." In 2021, Food & Wine magazine named Andy Boy Rabe the best sandwich in all of Rhode Island, praising its bold simplicity and calling it "a winner" with or without sausage. Since we're here to talk about sausage — you know what to do.

​Dee's Deli

(401) 942-0151

1296 Cranston St, Cranston, RI 02920

7. Sausage egg & cheese at Loaf Lounge in Chicago, Illinois

There's no conversation about sausage sandwiches without talking about one of the most beloved of them all: the sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. An entire article could be written about all the wonderful sausage egg and cheese sandwiches in the U.S., but we've had to narrow them down and consider which ones truly make sausage the star.

The consensus is that Loaf Lounge makes a perfectly executed sausage egg & cheese. It earned high marks in The Infatuation's 2023 list "The Best Breakfast Sandwiches In Chicago" and was touted on Reddit as "Incredible." An Instagram snap captioned with, "My new favorite breakfast sandwich! was met with resounding approval."

First, let us note that the collective description of the house-made English muffin housing Loaf Lounge's sausage egg & cheese is "pillowy". This is a culinary achievement in and of itself because — when does that ever happen? The garlic maple sausage and herby mayo combo may read like a savory punch in the face, but with those soft notes from the English muffin, egg, and melted American cheese, that punch turns into a hug, given by a sandwich that tastes like it was made by a true friend.

Loaf Lounge

(773) 904-7852

2934 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

6. Polish Boy at Banter in Cleveland, Ohio

In the melting pot that is the U.S.A., the lineage of many national foods can be traced back to times and lands that existed long before America ever did. The Polish Boy sandwich sounds European, but it's an American creation. The Polish Boy is a regional delight around Cleveland Ohio, widely believed to have been dreamed up by Virgil Whitmore in the 1940s, when he took some creative liberties with the toppings of a Polish-style sausage on a bun at his restaurant, Whitmore's Bar-B-Q.

Whitmore gussied up the smoked beef sausage — the link itself was referred to as a Polish boy back then — by adding his signature barbecue sauce, coleslaw, and french fries. This local legend of a sandwich is now served all over, but the best one going is from Banter in Cleveland. Banter is in a great position to do an excellent Polish Boy because this gourmet eatery's two locations specialize in housemade sausage and poutine. Food Network named Banter's Polish Boy as one of the best sandwiches in America, while networks like the Travel Channel and the Cooking Channel have profiled Banter's decadent Polish Boy on T.V. There's good news on Yelp, too, "Banter's take on it is brilliant. The sauce is outstanding as is the service."


(216) 400-72805

5428 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44102

5. Thai Diner Egg Sandwich at Thai Diner in Manhattan, NY

Streamlining a list of the best breakfast sandwiches in New York City is a feat. When The Infatuation published its picks in December 2023, Thai Diner's sandwich ranked the highest with a score of 9.4. Sausage had a lot to do with that.

Thai Diner, a brunch companion to quirky-cool Thai spot Uncle Boons, which closed during COVID-19, is tweaking the breakfast sandwich ... and it's working. Roti replacing bread is one thing, but the superstar here is sai oua (also spelled sai ua), an herbal sausage from northern Thailand known for its enticing aromatics and bold flavor — the recipe calls for curry paste. Turns out sai oua complements folded eggs and American cheese perfectly.

Mayo, scallions, Thai basil, and a side of chili dipping sauce are well-appointed accouterments, and the roti brings a pleasant, flaky texture, yet what customers really rave about is that sai oua. Yelp comments like, "The egg sandwich was on point and unique — the sausage was everything in that sandwich," and, "The spice of the herbal sausage and the tangy, salty dipping sauce balances perfectly with the rest of the wrap which is a warm crisp roti. Highly recommend this!" seal the deal.

Thai Diner

186 Mott St, New York, NY 10012

4. Italian Sausage at Rocco's Italian Sausage & Philly Cheese Steaks in Queens, NY

Yes, one of the best sausage sandwiches you can eat in New York City is in the parking lot of Home Depot. Rocco's Italian Sausage & Philly Cheese Steaks has made a name for itself with a string of Home Depot adjacent locations in Queens and Philadelphia plus one in New Jersey. Rocco's Queens locations — in Long Island City and a newer spot in Flushing — are especially beloved for the Italian sausage and pepper sandwiches.

Rocco's makes hot and sweet Italian sausage but customers in the know suggest that the best sausage and pepper sandwiches here are ordered "half and half", meaning a combination of the two. Rocco's is a minimal operation that doesn't give much in seating or ambiance, but it makes a trip to Home Depot more special. "The place is cute and clean. Smells like heaven! The sausage and peppers sandwich was delicious. Not a single condiment was needed!" is one Yelper's feedback.

A Redditor vouching for Rocco's as one of the best sausage places in the city said, "Everytime I go to Home Depot, I get one." Comments like these bolster the fact that Rocco's out-of-the-box business model works. Sandwiches are on the pricey side and reviews have mentioned that ordering delivery affects quality, yet this hardly detracts from a three-decade run during which Rocco's has gained a cult following.

Rocco's Italian Sausages

(718) 204-0478

5010 Northern Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11101

3. Kielbasa and Kraut Hero at Veselka in Manhattan, New York

Veselka is an East Village institution founded by Ukrainian immigrants in 1954. Today, it serves as an enduring beacon for traditional Eastern European food in Manhattan, where the market for this cuisine has whittled down to just a handful of places. Veselka's menu is best known for its kielbasa and pierogi plates, but one item, the Kielbasa & Kraut Hero, stands out as one delicious sausage sandwich.

The ingredients are simple yet robust: tender, smoked kielbasa, homemade sauerkraut, beet, horseradish salad (burachky), and whole grain mustard on a white hero bun. Veselka's longtime kielbasa supplier is the East Village Meat Market, a Ukrainian-owned shop that opened right across the street in 1970 — where the sausage is prepared and smoked daily. The sauerkraut pairing is rather expected but adding the beets and horseradish punches up the flavors. The contrast of earthy beets and a zing from the horseradish gives the sandwich a playful complexity without straying too far from classic Ukrainian fare.

Veselka has been a top 10% Tripadvisor restaurant since 2015, with kielbasa being a most sought-after item. One Tripadvisor reviewer declared Veselka their favorite restaurant in the city because, "The food is great and fresh ... Kielbasa is amazing."


(212) 228-9682

144 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

2. Kanapka z Kiełbasą at Staropolska in New Britain, CT

In the heart of New Britain, Connecticut's Little Poland lies Staropolska, a diner/family restaurant serving some of the most authentic Polish food you can eat in the United States. That means a menu that caters to the palettes of actual Polish people who love pierogies and golumpki sure, but they also crave kielbasa sandwiches. Staropolska has three.

A Polish Kielbasa sandwich is topped with cooked sauerkraut and spicy mustard, while the grinder version offers the same savory ingredients in a heftier potion by way of a submarine-style bun. Then there's the Polska Kielbasa z Serem i kapusta a la Tost — that's Polish kielbasa melt — which might just be the grilled cheese of the ages. Central Connecticut dwellers might take for granted how much the Little Poland district of New Britain holds it down for Eastern European sausage culture in the U.S., but it's substantial. Staropolska and its homey sausage sandwich varieties have been a pillar of the area for many years, and we expect its legacy to stretch far into the future.


(860) 612-1711

252 Broad St, New Britain, CT 06052

1. Italian Sausage Sandwich at Johnnie's Beef in Chicago

Some tourist destinations aren't worth the hype, especially the foodie ones. As for Johnnie's Beef, anyone who's looking for the real deal Italian sausage sandwich needn't look any further. Tourists or not, Johnnie's Beef, a little modest sandwich shop in Chicago has become nothing short of iconic for slinging old-school, sandwiches fit for Italian meat purists.

Johnnie's Beef has earned all the accolades. Food Network has sung its praises, it's top-ranked on Tripadvisor, and the customer reviews elsewhere are consistently stellar. But what makes Johnnie's char-broiled sausages ahead above the rest?

As one Reddit review puts it, "The sausages are charcoal grilled and that extra flavor is just something you can't get anywhere else." There is also magic in Johnnie's expert use of chopped Italian peppers, sweet and succulent supporters to perfectly cooked sausage (and roast beef if you're out for a combo). Taking a bite into Johnnie's sausage sandwich will mean standing in line, but anyone who really loves sausage (and/or iconic Chicago beef) will be willing to wait their turn for a taste.

Johnnie's Beef

(708) 452-6000

7500 W North Ave, Elmwood Park, IL


To compile this ranking of the best sausage sandwiches in the U.S. we scanned dozens of restaurant menus, read scores of top-rated sandwich lists and food critic reviews, and consulted the customers by reading through hundreds of reviews on sites like Reddit, Foursquare, Yelp, and Tripadvisor. We also used our personal experience to inform these findings. Our writer grew up around the Polish community in the Northeast, where good kielbasa is non-negotiable. Italian Americans have fed us some exceptional sausage, too, by way of the delis and sandwich shops so prevalent on the East Coast.