The Best Of Betty Crocker At The Inspired Home Show 2024

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Betty Crocker has been filling our homes — and our stomachs — for more than 100 years. And time has apparently only made the company wiser as it continues to introduce an ever-evolving line of premix and houseware products that turn baking, cooking, and prepping easier than ever. But then again, what would you expect from a brand that began in 1921 by humbly answering baking questions for curious home cooks? Betty Crocker basically taught the U.S. how to put dinner and dessert on the table — and its path has evidently never strayed.

Today, that includes offering more than just cake and brownie mixes — now, there are tools to help bring them to life. The brand recently exhibited some of its latest gadgets at 2024's The Inspired Home Show, the largest houseware trade show in North America. From a mini donut maker to a turbo-powered hand mixer and even an indoor pizza maker-slash-grill, Betty Crocker's newest inventions clearly keep up its mission to help make sure that all good things start from scratch.

Hand Mixer

The great thing about hand mixers is that they can help whip up a number of foodstuffs, such as mashed potatoes, whipped cream, and (of course) cake batter. But the even better quality of Betty Crocker's Hand Mixer — whether you get it in red, white, or silver — is that it's turbo-charged with 250 to 300 Watts and the choice of seven pre-set speeds. (You can even give those pre-set speeds a little burst of extra energy with the push of a button.) The device also comes with attachments, including chrome wire beaters and dough hooks. Plus, the tool can stand up on its own or inside its portable holder; in the latter case, its attachments fit right beside the hand mixer itself, making for easy organization during otherwise chaotic kitchen activities.

Whether you need to tenderly fluff up egg whites for meringue or need a more powerful setting to help knead dough, this tool is up to the task. That's right, this device isn't just for beginner bakers or expert pastry chefs — "It's good for anybody," as one Betty Crocker representative told Mashed at The Inspired Home Show. Additionally, its ergonomic design ensures your hands will be less prone to tiring or suffering from cramps as you proceed through your recipe. Betty Crocker's Hand Mixer is available for $15.97 on Amazon.

Mini Donut Maker

Imagine waking up to hot, fresh donuts every single weekend and not having to get out of your pajamas to do so. Betty Crocker's Mini Donut Maker is the key. Make your batter, plop some spoonfuls into the device and, in just a few minutes, up to seven bite-sized donuts will be ready to enjoy. The great part about this Mini Donut Maker is that it features a fully-closable lid and non-stick cooking surface, so there's no risk of grease splatter or other mess to clean up afterward. In addition to the machine, you'll also receive a spatula and piping bag with changeable nozzles upon purchase, so you can frost your donuts in myriad ways.

We say "you" can do all of this, but really, that's underselling the true appeal of this product. This device is "great for kids," according to one Betty Crocker representative. With it, you can "teach children to decorate." And besides, even if there aren't any little ones in your life, the folks at Betty Crocker feel this is "a very gift-able product" that "brings fun into the kitchen" for anyone of any age. Betty Crocker's Mini Donut Maker is also currently available on Amazon for $35.68.

Pizza Maker

Most pizza makers are a one-trick pony. They're great at what they do, but their function is more or less limited to savory pies. The true chef's kiss on this unique Betty Crocker design, however, is that it doubles as a pizza maker and an indoor grill. So, whether you want to whip up a 12-inch Margherita pizza, a sausage and onion flatbread, or make paninis and quesadillas, just plug this tabletop device in and run with it (no oven required).

It's essentially an oversized electric skillet with 1,440 Watts of power, meaning that you have more control over heat settings to make a different dishes, even desserts like s'mores and crepes. It fits right on your countertop and can be easily cleaned with some soap and water to get it ready for the next use.

When we asked the folks at Betty Crocker what this product meant for the brand, they answered, quite simply: "Family." Just like the Mini Donut Maker, this product is a great opportunity for interactive culinary experiences with your loved ones. Although, it would also work well at fancy adult parties — the Betty Crocker crew noted — like when you want to impress friends with your hors d'oeuvre-making skills. Betty Crocker's Pizza Oven is available on (you guessed it) Amazon, for $49.99.