Is Dunkin' Open On Easter Sunday 2024?

We all celebrate Easter in different ways, from egg hunts to baking up a storm, but sweet treats often prevail as a focal point. If you want to get out of the house and pick up something sweet — as well as some coffee for a kick of energy — Dunkin' is a great destination. A question understandably arises, though: Will it even be open?

The short answer is yes. In a statement provided to Mashed, a representative for Dunkin' confirmed that "many Dunkin' locations will be open on Easter." The rep did also specify that "hours vary by location," though, so it's still a good idea to do your due diligence. Before you leave the house, pull up the store locator tool on either the Dunkin' website or app and check the opening hours for your local branch. If you can't find its Easter hours listed, contact the store ahead of time.

Dunkin's spring menu is deliciously churro-themed

Dunkin' has not currently announced any Easter-specific items for 2024, but there are plenty of treats on its spring menu, leaked back in January, that customers can sample on an Easter trip. To celebrate the arrival of warmer weather, it introduced Sparkd' Energy, a fizzy drink made with caffeine and guarana. It comes in two fruity flavors: Berry Burst, a mix of raspberry and strawberry, and Peach Sunshine, which combines lychee with peach.

Of course, the arrival of spring doesn't always guarantee that it'll be hot out, and Dunkin's coffee drinks can warm you right up. There are two seasonal coffee flavors that can be ordered iced or hot. The Churro Signature Latte uses a sweet churro syrup, while the Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee offers a mix of vanilla and churro flavors with a slug of Dunkin's original coffee and cream.

If you're hungry, you're in luck. Three foodstuffs have made their spring menu debut: the Breakfast Empanada, Banana Chocolate Chip Bread, and Churro Donut. The flaky crust of the empanada reveals a filling of scrambled eggs, sausage, and melted cheddar. The Banana Chocolate Chip Bread is Dunkin's take on banana bread, with an added infusion of chocolate chips. No Dunkin' menu would be complete without Dunkin' donuts, and the Churro Donut combines cakey with crunchy as the soft pastry is rolled in cinnamon sugar.