Dunkin' Donuts, Ranked From Worst To Best

Donuts are no longer a part of the Dunkin' company name. The chain famously dropped the baked goods from its title in 2018. However, Dunkin' has been an American fast food staple since 1950 — when founder William Rosenberg opened the first location in Massachusetts — and the pastries are still an essential part of the business today. The fried cakes contribute to Dunkin' bringing in around 3 million customers daily, maintaining a whopping 11,300 locations worldwide (via Dunkin).

Donuts may not be as trendy as the newer menu items — cold brews, breakfast sandwiches, and munchkins — but they've historically been the draw. When Dunkin' first opened its doors nearly 75 years ago, it offered 52 donuts. The wide array of pastries blew competitors (which typically sold only 4 different donut types) way out of the water. That donut menu diversity remains to this day. You'll find even more types of donuts on the Dunkin' website now, where the company advertises over 70 different kinds.

We are well aware that these aren't the freshest pastries in the world. It's good to know that Dunkin' employees say that donuts are thrown out at the end of each day — but they still sometimes taste stale. However, we aren't here to compare the donuts at Dunkin' to places that bake their pastries each morning on-site. At Dunkin' alone, there is a clear hierarchy of which donuts are better than others. Here are donuts at Dunkin', ranked worst to best.


The Sugared donut is a Dunkin' item you may have overlooked, as it's plain in appearance. The donut kind of looks like a naked version of the glazed one. Without the shiny covering of icing, there's nothing but a thin layer of sugar crystals — and the crystals don't look like much. The donut itself tends to look flimsy and unstructured.

This Dunkin' donut is a staple part of the fried dough offerings at the chain. According to Verywell Fit, it's the "most nutritious" donut on the menu. Per Dunkin', it has 210 calories, 5 grams of sugar, 24 grams of carbohydrates, and 11 grams of fat. It doesn't exactly scream health-conscious. However, the sugared donut has fewer calories than more popular Dunkin' items, including the Glazed Donut or the Powdered Donut. It's not because of this that the Sugared Donut is dead last, but it doesn't help it, either.

The Sugared Donut is far too boring to place higher on the list. To start, the flavors are nearly nonexistent. There is a measly amount of crunchy sugar on the outside covering a flimsy donut underneath. Additionally, it's not very creative. It seems like they took a classic like the Powdered Donut and made it worse. Plus, it's not satisfying in the slightest. After eating this donut, you'll either need to eat another donut or get a large Dunkin' iced coffee to wash down the dry, flavorless mess that is the Sugared Dunkin' donut.

Toasted Coconut

The Toasted Coconut Donut at Dunkin' is another classic option. This pastry has a similar concept to the Sugared Donut. It's simply a plain donut base covered in tiny bits (this time those bits are coconut shavings). With the more simple "Coconut Donut," offered at Dunkin' that's where the description ends. Those shavings appear white, but with the Toasted Coconut Donut, the shavings have been toasted. This gives the shavings a darker tan to a light brown appearance.

This Dunkin' item has inspired so many fans over the years that there is even a Facebook page for it. Although the page's name "Bring Back the Toasted Coconut Donut," is technically an unnecessary and outdated plea, we have no choice but to admire the community's fervor. The page has over 500 members, who all seem unaware that the Toasted Coconut donut is currently available, according to Dunkin's website.

Any item with coconut is going to be divisive. While some admire the tropical flavor — and love how it combines with sugary baked goods like donuts — others hate both the taste and the texture. For this reason, the Toasted Coconut can't go any higher on this list. Overall, the Dunkin' item is still a bland, safe bet like the Sugared Donut. However, there's a little more flavor and texture complexity than the donut in the last place.

Powdered Sugar

The Powdered Sugar donut has earned its placement due to it being one of the more dry Dunkin' donuts, but it's still a step up. Where the Sugared and Toasted Coconut donuts are mostly bland options for those looking to avoid decadence, this selection will most likely leave you with a satisfied sugar-high. You may receive a little kick of energy after eating this donut.

The Powdered Sugar donut is Dunkin's version of the classic. It's a plain-flavored donut coated in the aforementioned topping. This baked good doesn't look the most exciting one in the Dunkin' lineup, but it's still clear from the jump what it's going to taste like. At least what you see is what you get.

Spoon University said of the Powdered Donut at Dunkin', its "confectionary, fluffy texture provides a simple elegance in its taste. It's not heavy, nor bombarded with artificial colors — it's just a donut, in its most simple and delicate form." There are still a few downsides, however. For one, this donut is extremely messy. We don't recommend grabbing one in the drive-thru — eating one in the car could spell trouble. Additionally, it's still on the more boring side of the menu. There is only one flavor going on here, and it's sugar. We expect more from Dunkin'.

Cupid's Choice

The Cupid's Choice is a special edition Dunkin' donut. According to a company press release, this donut has been sold since at least 2011. It was first released around Valentine's Day to celebrate the season of love. In the company's own words, the Cupid's Choice donut is "a heart-shaped yeast shell donut filled with Bavarian Kreme, topped with strawberry icing and a festive mix of pink, white and red heart-shaped sprinkles."

The donut must have been popular enough to keep around, as it continued to be released for additional Valentine's Days. Even in 2022, Dunkin' brought back its pink heart donuts. However, some seem to prefer a donut called "Brownie Batter" (which we'll get to), which was released at the same time. Fast Food Geek preferred the chocolate option, but still applauded the popular Bavarian Kreme filling, which makes an appearance in Cupid's Choice. "I was impressed with the thick and exotic nature of the Kreme," they wrote.

There are a lot of positives to this donut. For one, it's topped with delicious strawberry icing. The icing is very similar to that on the Strawberry Frosted with Sprinkles donut at Dunkin'. That, along with the cream filling, makes it better than the unfilled donuts on this list. However, it's hard to get your hands on a limited-release donut that's only available around Valentine's Day. Additionally, it's less interesting than its partner, Brownie Batter.

Brownie Batter

According to Dunkin', the Brownie Batter is a plain, heart-shaped donut with "rich, chocolatey brownie batter-flavored buttercream filling." It can come with either vanilla or chocolate filling and will be topped with sprinkles. It appears similar to the Cupid's Choice donut, aside from having different colored frosting.

Once you take a bite, you'll be able to taste the difference between the 2 donuts. Inside of the Brownie Batter donut is a delicious chocolate filling that immediately takes you back to the times you've licked a bowl of brownie batter. A Dunkin' representative even told The Daily Meal nostalgia was what the company had in mind while making the Brownie Batter donut. No need to worry about those raw eggs — it's just icing in there. The filling is very successful, even if it does make for a pretty messy donut.

The Brownie Batter Donut came into the hearts and minds of the public at the same time as Cupid's Choice. That being said, it may have won over more Dunkin' fans than its pink counterpart. One reviewer said of the donut, "The brownie batter flavored buttercream filling was just super tasty." However, the donut still has its critics. HuffPost called it, "intensely sweet," warning that it "may send you into an uncomfortable sugar shock." For this reason, its messiness, and its seasonal quality (that makes it hard to try), Brownie Batter stays near the bottom of this list — but it's better than Cupid's Choice.

Bavarian Kreme

The Bavarian Kreme is one of Dunkin's classic items. It is a holeless, powdered donut with yellow-ish custard filling (the same filling that's inside the Cupid's Choice donut). The cream itself tends to be very sweet and rich-tasting. The outside of the donut looks and tastes like a powdered donut. Both the outside and the inside of this donut tend to be divisive. Some Dunkin' customers love the complete package, but others despise it.

Some who like the Bavarian Kreme, like this one reviewer on Abillion, call the donut their favorite at Dunkin'. "I love how simple yet delicious it is," they wrote of the Dunkin' donut. Detractors of the Bavarian Kreme usually say the filling doesn't taste great. Another Abillion reviewer called it "a bit too sweet overall."

Other critiques of the Bavarian Kreme include messiness. The disaster that is the donut's powdered shell is only compounded by the mess created by the cream filling. Eating this donut is no easy task. However, it is easier to get your hands on than Valentine's Day treats like Cupid's Choice and Brownie Batter. For that reason, along with the Bavarian Kreme's many fans, this donut is ranked in the middle of the filled donuts at Dunkin'. These donuts are polarizing, but sometimes, the fans are louder than those that hate them.


According to Dunkin', a bismark is a donut that "includes more dough, filling and topping due to its rectangular shape." Essentially, the Bismark is the Bavarian Kreme donut, except instead of a powdered sugar coating, it has a topping of chocolate icing. It's the same components of the Boston Kreme donut from Dunkin' but comes in a long, rectangular shape.

Without the powdered sugar, it is less messy and has a better texture than the Bavarian Kreme. Unfortunately, the name and recipe of this donut can change depending on which location you frequent. Per Dunkin,' "Down South, this may be called a Long John and could be unfilled and tossed in powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar. In the Northeast, it can be similar to a Boston Kreme with chocolate icing and Bavarian Kreme filling, resembling an Éclair." That leads to some inconsistencies we would like to avoid.

The Bismark donut has a lot of fans, but it tends to let them down. This Dunkin' donut can be hard to find, according to some who have sought it out at the chain. One reviewer on TripAdvisor wrote, "I love going to Dunkin' for the Bismarck doughnut but can rarely get it. It is always sold out...If I were the owner I would definitely increase my stock of what seems to be the most popular item on the menu." We think overall the components of the Bismark make it better than the Bavarian Kreme, but not as good as the Boston Kreme.

Boston Kreme

The fanfare for the Boston Kreme could be patrons wanting to celebrate Dunkin's New England roots. You can see that energy in this TripAdvisor Dunkin' review, where someone wrote, "Boston Cream Donut specialty of Boston." Customers everywhere seem to love buying something with the name "Boston" in it. Per Dunkin', "It's a delicious donut variety that's not just popular here in America, but also around the world at Dunkin.'"

Between the Boston Kreme and the Bavarian Kreme, we think that the Boston Kreme is better. Here's why: the mess, the texture, and the flavor. As for the mess, it doesn't have powdered sugar. As for the texture, the mouthfeel is improved without the dry sugary shell. This eliminates an unnecessary level of contrast between the inside and outside of the donut. The chocolate shell and cream mix together (in both the Bismark and the Boston Kreme) for a delicious explosion of 2 classic sugary tastes.

Between the Bismark and the Boston Kreme, the latter is still the winner. There isn't a lot of difference going on, but the shape of the Boston Kreme is preferred. The Bismark is just too much donut, and nobody needs to eat that much cream filling. Additionally, it's the shape of a hot dog — we don't want to be reminded of that while having a Dunkin' donut. This embarrassment can be avoided by getting the Boston Kreme. However, this isn't the best-filled donut at Dunkin'.

Apple Fritter

The Apple Fritter is a lumpy, glazed treat. It appears brown-orange in color and is typically bigger than other donuts at Dunkin'. Sometimes, it comes as a filled donut. Other times, it's not filled. The fact that you have to roll the dice when buying it is a huge source of frustration among Apple Fritter fans.

On Reddit, one user wanted an unfilled donut. They asked the question, "How have I had approximately 25 Dunkin' Apple Fritters in my lifetime and only now encountered one with the apple filling?" On TripAdvisor, one fan was begging for the donuts to always have filling, writing, "Dunkin' Donuts Corporate Office should audit all their shops to make sure the Apple Fritters are being made correctly." This donut is another Dunkin' offering where people are passionate enough to ask for a specific version.

The problem with this donut is something similar to what happens with the Bismark. As Julie's Dining Club explains of the Apple Fritter, "Any Dunkin' Donuts location that finishes the donuts on-site fills them...But if you visit a location that gets them pre-made, they are the traditional style." That "traditional style," means unfilled, at least to Julie. However, it's clear to some Dunkin' fans that the filled version is the classic. That makes it hard for Dunkin' to standardize one version of the donut over another (in addition to manufacturing hurdles). Despite this inconsistency, the Apple Fritter at Dunkin' tastes more exciting and textured than the previously mentioned donuts.


This donut is similar to the Boston and Bavarian Kreme treats. The Jelly donut is a circular donut without a hole. The base is a plain donut, the exterior is granulated sugar (like the Sugared Donut), and the inside is fruity jelly.

The flavor of this jelly has been described by Insider as "berry-flavored." A representative from Dunkin' said the inside is "apple and raspberry-flavored" (via Today). Some Dunkin' patrons love this jelly filling. One reviewer on Abillion said, "Loved the strawberry flavour, wasn't too sweet!" Even though they didn't identify the flavor correctly, they still liked the jelly donut.

Jelly donuts are something you could get at any donut shop. Still, the donuts are popular among Dunkin' fans, and it's not hard to see why. The inside of the donut is familiar: it's reminiscent of the jelly in a PB and J. The filling is also lighter than the rich-tasting insides of the Bavarian or Boston Kreme donuts. Overall, this is a lighter-tasting donut than the other filled donuts at Dunkin'. It's probably the best in taste, texture, and concept. However, the filling can still be too sweet, especially when paired with the messy, sugary exterior.

Double Chocolate

The double chocolate donut at Dunkin' has an Old Fashioned (sometimes also known as cake) base. The introduction of this quality marks a change in the list. It's the first time — when looking at the donuts that have been ranked lower — that this texture has had an opportunity to shine. The mouthfeel is much more substantial than the base used for most of the filled donuts, earning the Double Chocolate a place above the rest, based on texture alone. With this donut, though, you get much more than a deliciously crumbly, cakey base.

Not only is the base Old Fashioned-style — it's chocolate-flavored. The flavor of this cake isn't overly sweet and the chocolate itself is satisfyingly nostalgic. On top of that delicious chocolate base, things get even better. There's a yummy layer of chocolate icing. Dunkin' is pretty good at this part. The icing makes it a sweet donut that's a good option for chocolate lovers.

However, as some have said with Dunkin' donuts (especially with the cake ones), the donuts tend to taste heavy on the oil. Per Cooking Light, it could be because they are made with palm oil. Although this may be a cheap manufacturing option for Dunkin', the oil can taste "savory and earthy," according to Healthline. All that heaviness isn't helped by the extreme chocolate factor of this donut. Because of the intensity of this donut, we can't recommend it to everyone.

Marble Frosted

The Marble Frosted Donut is a little more nuanced than the rest. It consists of a plain base (typically Old Fashioned or cake-style). That base is half-covered in a top layer of mostly vanilla frosting. Then, a small amount of chocolate is delicately drizzled on the vanilla portion, creating a mixed color effect. We will admit: it usually doesn't look "marbled."

This Dunkin' option is good because you get 2 for the price of 1. You get to have a little vanilla icing at the same time as chocolate icing. You will mostly taste vanilla. This saves you from being overpowered with one flavor (like with the Double Chocolate donut). The mixed design also is slightly exciting to look at. Who would have thought Dunkin' would be able to make something like that?

However, there are still negatives to this pastry. For one, it's kind of boring. Unless you're someone who's particularly drawn to black and white cookies, this donut doesn't have much to offer you. Black and white cookie fans will still likely be disappointed. Even with all that simplicity, you're not avoiding any of the sugar. According to Dunkin', there are 16 grams of sugar in each donut. That takes up a significant amount of your daily recommended sugar intake (via the American Heart Association) with 1 boring donut. It's not worth it.

Maple Frosted

The Maple Frosted Donut is on par with the Marble Frosted. These donuts are alike in presentation and quality, and they are also clearly not the most popular types of frosted donuts at Dunkin'. We would still take Strawberry, Vanilla, or Chocolate Dunkin' donuts over these any day.

Like the Marble, there are 2 parts to the Maple donut: a plain base and icing. With the maple, the icing is a yellowish-brown color. If you've ever seen a maple candy, that's what the icing looks like. The flavor of the maple icing is also a little predictable (if possibly underwhelming). It's classically sweet Dunkin' icing with a hint of maple syrup. The sweet, nostalgic flavor of this donut warrants it a place above the Marble Frosted. It's like getting a plate of fresh pancakes with your hot Dunkin' coffee. The downside is that it's still not the most exciting donut in terms of concept, flavor, or texture.

The Maple Frosted donut has a passionate fan base. It's so popular that some Dunkin' customers once created a petition to promote its return to stores. The petition's enthusiastic creator wrote of the donut, "It helps me run on Dunkin." Granted, you don't need to worry about this today because the Maple Frosted Donut is available at the chain. You can find nutritional information about it on the Dunkin' website. Another fan of the Maple Donuts on TripAdvisor also recommended them, saying "I love their coffee with a maple frosted donut!"

Vanilla Frosted with Sprinkles

The donut called Vanilla Frosted with Sprinkles is something we're all familiar with. It's a Dunkin' pastry with a plain base, a top layer of vanilla icing, and multi-colored, sugary bits on top. According to the treat's information on the Dunkin' website, it is similar in nutritional value to other donuts. There are around 270 calories and 16 grams of sugar in this treat.

Like other flavors at Dunkin', this flavor has its fans. Some, like this Yelp user, take notice when their local Dunkin' keeps a better stock of their favorite treat. They wrote, "This DD has been doing a lot better job at keeping vanilla frosted with sprinkles in stock when I go." Another person recommended what to have with it. On Restaurantji, they said, "The vanilla bean latte is even better when paired with vanilla and strawberry frosted doughnuts, add sprinkles." It's not surprising that something as unoffensive as a vanilla sprinkle donut would have supporters.

The positives for this donut are obvious. It's not intimidating, and it's pleasing to kids, as well as nostalgic adults. The sprinkles add a nice pop of color. On the downside, some think the vanilla flavor at Dunkin' is one of the worst icings. They tend to say it's too sweet when compared with the chocolate or strawberry options. That's why the Vanilla Frosted with Sprinkles donut is ranked below its similar counterparts.

Chocolate Frosted with Sprinkles

The Chocolate Frosted with Sprinkles donut is more of the same. It's a plain base, with a top layer of chocolate icing, and colorful sprinkles. This donut only differs from the aforementioned vanilla in the flavor and color of its frosting. It's even similar in nutritional qualities — per My Fitness Pal, there are around 300 calories in this treat.

Because the only difference is the icing, we are ranking this donut higher based on that factor alone. Of course, some people may hate chocolate and they will never prefer this flavor over vanilla. However, we think that the taste of the chocolate is better. The flavor is less than just sweet, and it's milder and authentic-tasting (for as much as a Dunkin' donut can be those things). Overall, the icing makes this donut a little more satisfying than the Vanilla Frosted with Sprinkles. Also, it's more of a classic flavor than the Marble or Maple Frosted donuts.

There's also a downside to think about with the frosted donuts at Dunkin'. These treats tend to neglect the quality of their bases. You can sometimes end up with a donut that's sweet on top, but flavorless and flimsy on the bottom. However, this is an issue with all the frosted donuts — not just chocolate.

Strawberry Frosted with Sprinkles

The Strawberry Frosted with Sprinkles donut at Dunkin' consists of a plain base, strawberry-flavored frosting, and sprinkles. That means it has the same ingredients as the vanilla and chocolate donuts, but with a different icing flavor. As you may have guessed, we think that the strawberry frosting tastes great, and we're not alone in our admiration for this flavor.

Eater made an excellent point, describing the donut as having "frosting that tastes more like strawberry milk than actual strawberries." In their view, this donut is great because it stays in its lane. It doesn't taste like a jelly donut or a fruit-forward treat. It has strawberry cupcake energy, and we appreciate this donut's frosting for sticking with what it does best as well.

The flavor of the strawberry frosting is good because it's classic, but it's also great for other reasons. It's sweet, but not as sweet as the vanilla frosting. It's textbook, but not as predictable as the chocolate frosting. The flavor of the strawberry frosting is also unexpectedly nuanced. You get hints of floral qualities from it. Also, this quality differentiates the frosting from the sweetness of the sprinkles, so you can tell the two apart. Overall, this is the best frosting flavor at Dunkin'. That does not make it the complete package needed to be ranked higher. It's still lacking in departments like texture and general creativity.

Coffee Roll

The Coffee Roll is one of the more unique pastry options at the chain. Instead of the typical fried dough with a hole in it, you're going to get a delicious swirl-shaped treat. The design is similar to that of a cinnamon roll, but there are a few changes. There's icing on pretty much the whole thing, not just the top. Also, the cinnamon flavor isn't that strong, and neither is the coffee flavor. This makes sense because there isn't any coffee flavoring included in Dunkin's list of ingredients for the Coffee Roll.

While this may seem like an out-there pick, we're not the only ones who appreciate the Dunkin' Coffee Roll. Ron Rosenbaum wrote at length on his preference for the pastry above all others from the chain. The blogger pondered, "What is it about his pastry? Perhaps it's the subtle swirls of cinnamon sugar syrup sneakily insinuated into the interior spirals of the flying saucer swirls of glazed cake." We agree that both the shape and the flavor of this donut are hard-to-beat.

The texture of the pastry itself is another reason why this donut is great. The cake itself is typically Old Fashioned-style, meaning there's a great variety of textures happening. However, it's not as easy to get (meaning sometimes you won't find it among the Dunkin' donuts racks) or as easy to eat (you might make a mess if you eat this in your car) as other options.

Glazed Stick

The Glazed Stick isn't a classic donut shape. It's made in a long rectangular style, similar to the Bismark, and that's great for a few reasons with this particular donut. First, you seem to get more fried dough than the typical Glazed Donut provides. This is supported by the fact that there are 460 calories in a Glazed Stick, but only 240 calories in a Glazed Donut, according to Dunkin'. Of course, having a larger donut means there are more calories. Second, the shape lends itself to dunking into your coffee. It's a great donut for those who like to dip.

Another positive to the Glazed Stick is the simple glazed layer. The flavor is just sweetness, nothing else. This goes great with many different types of coffee drinks. It goes especially well with hot, black coffee. Additionally, the cake style of the glazed stick is Old Fashioned. You get the crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside mouthfeel. You get the exterior glaze that is contrasted by a more savory interior. It's yet another reason why this donut is good to dunk.

Alas, not everyone who wants a donut from Dunkin' likes coffee. On the flip side, not all coffee drinkers like donuts. Even fewer people seem to want to dunk their donuts these days. That makes the Glazed Stick seem a little less timely. Sometimes, it's not good to be that old-fashioned. That's why we rank it below other donuts with similar flavors and textures.

Glazed Chocolate

The Glazed Chocolate donut is simply a chocolate-flavored donut made in the cake style with plain icing. Like other top-ranking Dunkin' donuts, it's a pastry that you can get from most other classic donut shops, meaning you don't have to go to Dunkin' to get this. However, Dunkin's version is particularly well-liked. It's rare for one of Dunkin's items to be considered better than other donut shop's products.

Dunkin's version is great because it ticks off a lot of boxes. You get a subtle chocolate flavor from the cake. The cake itself is the Old Fashioned style texture (which is better at Dunkin' than their yeast donuts). The icing itself can work well, in this scenario: with the plain flavor bringing out the subtle sweetness in the chocolate cake.

However, customers have reported inconsistency issues with the glaze on this particular donut. One TripAdvisor reviewer had such an experience, writing, "The only glaze was this tiny 1/4 inch or so where the donut hole is supposed to be. Only it fell out when I bit into the donut, and I found absolutely no glaze whatsoever." Without the glaze, this donut becomes too dry and unsweet, making it fall apart. Even with it, it's not as delicious as other Dunkin' donuts.

Glazed Blueberry

The Glazed Blueberry is the same as the Glazed Chocolate, only with a blueberry-flavored cake base underneath. This Old Fashioned pastry does taste better in the blueberry incarnation than the chocolate one. We don't care that it's not made with real blueberries or that Dunkin' was sued for this very matter (via Consumer Reports).

Dunkins' blueberry cake is a little more complex than the chocolate cake. There are multiple colors, textures, and flavors within the donut. You're getting different amounts of blueberry and sweetness in each bite due to the different parts you're tasting. There's the shell, the cake, and the small blueberry crystals — all of which have different amounts of fruit and sugar flavors. This donut will do more than remind you of another amazing breakfast pastry (the blueberry muffin), but it will be a more exciting experience overall than the Glazed Chocolate donut.

We're not the only ones who respect the Glazed Blueberry. A taster on Cheapism said, "Dunkin's taste like a blueberry pancake mix, which is actually kind of nice. If this is what they were going for, nice work. If not ... well, still, nice work." Like this review, we recognize the Glazed Blueberry isn't perfect and still think other Dunkin' offerings make a slightly better donut.

French Cruller

The French Cruller is a Dunkin' treat that looks like a golden, swirled crown. It's been described by the chain as in a category all its own. Per Dunkin', there are yeast donuts (Bismarks and Coffee Rolls, for example), cake donuts (Glazed Chocolate and Glazed Blueberry), and then there are French Crullers. As Dunkin' explains, this third texture is its own thing. They wrote, "A French Cruller has a soft, airy texture with a pleasant light 'egg-like' flavor. The center of the French Cruller is wet with a crunchy exterior." This unique experience warrants the French Cruller a spot very high up on the list.

Dunkin's customers seem to love French Crullers as much as the chain itself. They are usually compared to funnel cakes in taste and texture (especially when heated up), as shown by this Reddit user. One customer loved them so much they made a copycat recipe for creating the donuts at home, saying, "I [was] completely obsessed with its fancy crumb and sweet taste."

The French Cruller is typically glazed on the outside, adding a crunchy and sweet layer of complexity to this upscale-seeming donut. It's a great donut overall that is simple enough to go with coffee. It's ranked below two other classic and crowd-pleasing donuts for the egg flavor that Dunkin' advertised. Some may prefer it, but others find it a little distracting from an otherwise simple pastry.


This donut is made in the yeast style. Dunkin' describes this texture as "soft, tender with a slight fermented flavor and sweet to the taste. After the product has cooled, it is sponge-like and tender to the touch." Dunkin' also confirms on its website that all glazed rings are yeasted donuts. We don't think this donut is better in texture or taste than the Old Fashioned, but it is better than most other pastries at Dunkin'.

The Glazed donut at Dunkin' is the right amount of fluffy, sweet, and savory. It's not a work of art, so much that you wouldn't mind destroying it inside a cup of hot coffee. However, it's also something that — for all the other inconsistencies found in other donuts — Dunkin' tends to make right. Most locations you visit will have a pretty similar Glazed donut across the board. It's an appeasing pastry that you won't want to stop eating once you've started.

Esquire tasted the classic donut and offered its approval. The publication described it as having "a nice saltiness to balance out the sweetness" and said, "The glaze is well distributed." No matter what Dunkin' donuts you visit, you're likely to find a Glazed that fixes your sugar craving. It won't leave you stuffed, either, making it a good snack for any time of day (not just with your morning coffee).

Old Fashioned

Now, for the winner: Dunkin's Old Fashioned donut. The pastry is an unglazed cake-style base. It's usually a darker orange-brown color, compared to other donuts. The color makes it stand out as having a fried-looking appearance.

It doesn't usually look like Old Fashioned donuts from other pastry shops (which tend to have a taller ring of donut surrounded by spiked or bump-looking edges, via Dawn Foods). The Dunkin' donut is also different from the chain's hard-to-find Sour Cream donuts, which also look more wrinkled. Both of these similar types have icing. The Old Fashioned does not, but that turns out to be a good thing.

This donut is still sweet, despite not having a glaze. Dunkin' describes it as having "a mild vanilla flavor with a slight nutmeg finish," meaning there are complex flavors going on below that surface. The donut is sweet, crunchy, and savory. It's not so hard to eat because there is only one component to worry about: meaning only one type of crumb to anticipate. The lack of sweetness speaks to its refinement, but the oil reminds you of why you came to Dunkin' in the first place. You came to get coffee but ended up getting a donut along with it (and sometimes decided to call that breakfast). That's why it topped this ranking.