Subway's Sauces Are Finally Hitting Grocery Store Shelves

Subway loyalists will soon rejoice as four flavorful sauces are set to hit grocery store shelves, allowing fans to recreate what makes Subway sandwiches so delicious in new ways. In a strategic partnership with the T. Marzetti Company, the renowned sandwich chain is extending its offerings beyond the restaurant experience. Starting the week of March 25, 2024, consumers can snag 16-ounce bottles of these Subway restaurant-inspired sauces at major retailers such as Walmart, Kroger, and Albertson's, with plans for wider distribution in the near future. The quartet of sauces making its market debut includes Sweet Onion Teriyaki, Roasted Garlic Aioli, Baja Chipotle, and Creamy Italian MVP. The first three are influenced by a few of the top-ranked Subway sauces, while the Creamy Italian MVP is a fresh take on the MVP Parmesan Vinaigrette.

Paul Fabre, Senior Vice President of Culinary and Innovation at Subway, expressed enthusiasm in a press release sent to Mashed, "This partnership takes our sauces to another level and enables our fans to take their culinary creations from ordinary to extraordinary while also contributing to an important cause." Carl Stealey, T. Marzetti Company's President of Retail Business, echoed this sentiment, acknowledging Subway's iconic status in the fast-food landscape. "We're honored that Subway trusted T. Marzetti to help build on that legacy and bring their sauces to kitchens across the country," Stealey shared in the release.

Enjoy 4 Subway sauces at home

The four sauces, of course, have the power to enliven just about any sandwich, and their versatility shines through in other fare, too. Lovers of Asian cuisine, for instance, may find solace in the Sweet Onion Teriyaki-inspired condiment, which was rated customers' favorite Subway sauce in a 2022 Mashed survey. To demonstrate how each sauce brings its own flair to the table, the two brands joined forces to create a collection of recipes that call for the products, like the Asian Chicken Bowl and Grilled Shrimp Salsa. All of the recipes can be found on the Subway website.

What makes the Subway sauce retail launch even more gratifying is that proceeds from in-store purchases will support the Fresh Start Scholarship Fund, according to the release. The charitable program provides tuition assistance to Subway employees, affectionately known as Sandwich Artists, enabling them to pursue higher education. Each scholarship recipient receives $2,500 towards their secondary education, fostering opportunities for personal and professional growth within the Subway community.