Why Gwyneth Paltrow Thinks Dill Should Be Illegal

Gwyneth Paltrow has no shortage of controversial food opinions. As just one memorable example, TikTok was shocked when Paltrow described her daily diet in an interview and revealed that her go-to lunch is nothing more than bone broth, which only contains about 40 calories per cup. Not only has she offended detractors of "almond mom"-style restrictive dieting, but she has also gone up against folks who simply love a fresh sprig of dill on their food.

In Paltrow's March 21 episode of "Hot Ones," a show that interviews celebrities while they try to eat their way through increasingly spicy chicken wings, host Sean Evans asked her about her favorite herb. While blinking away tears and alternating swigs of milk and water, the actress and lifestyle guru replied that she loves all herbs, except for dill. Not only does she dislike dill, she thinks it "should be illegal."

Evans pushed her to explain why dill is a no-go, to which she replied, "Because it's so gross. It ruins everything and anything it touches." As Paltrow dabbed at her face, clearly overwhelmed by the wings' spice, Evans pressed on, asking if she dislikes the herb because it overwhelms other flavors in a dish. Paltrow doubled down, replying, "Dominant and, like, just bad. I don't understand why people like it."

Dill is Gwyneth Paltrow's cilantro

Funnily enough, the herb most people tend to hate on is cilantro, which many folks describe as having a revolting, soapy taste. Gwyneth Paltrow revealed in her "Hot Ones" interview that she actually enjoys cilantro and that her ire really is reserved for dill alone. This isn't the first time Goop's founder has made her hatred for the herb known, either. In 2016, Paltrow gave an interview to ET while she was touring and promoting her cookbook "It's All Easy." When asked what food she dislikes, Paltrow was once again quick to name dill, stating, "It's not really a food, but it really offends me." So, not only is dill her least favorite herb, but it seems to be her least favorite food item overall.

Dill does have a grassy, slightly sweet flavor that certainly doesn't pair with every dish, but arguably, few things in life are as wonderful as a crisp dill pickle or a dill-topped borscht recipe. Considering this dill hate is coming from someone who claimed in an interview that she'd rather smoke crack than eat a bit of spray cheese (via The Mirror), you may want to take her food-related opinions with a grain of salt.