Do Love Is Blind Contestants Really Get A Say In Their Wedding Menu?

With contestants meeting, dating, and getting engaged through a wall, Netflix's hit reality show "Love Is Blind" takes blind dates to a whole new level. Each season, a handful of couples go through the trials and tribulations of a long-term relationship in just a few months, and essentially, they have the deadline of their wedding to figure out if they're meant to be. The finales are full of dramatic vows, crying, and people literally getting rejected at the altar (yes, the second-hand embarrassment is so real). Between the infamous gold wine glasses and the engaged couples that don't get screen time, the show is heavily produced. So how much of a say do the couples actually get in their wedding menu? As it turns out, they're more involved than you might think.

According to a representative from the show's production company Kinetic Connect, the couples have as much control over theirĀ wedding menu as possible (via Business Insider). They get to go cake tasting and even explore menu options. The show has even shown a few of the past couples trying out cake flavors together. Avid watchers might recall the memorable moment when season two's Nick and Danielle got into a spat while indulging in various cake flavors. The producers of the show arrange pretty much every aspect of the show's major events, including the cake-tasting session. But how do they know what options the couple will like?

How the menu details are decided

The magic comes from art director and celebrity event stylist Slomique Hawrylo. Hawrylo oversees all creative decisions regarding the wedding, and she bases them on the couples' interests. Before they head off on their honeymoon, each couple receives a questionnaire from Hawrylo's team that's meant to inform the vision of the wedding (via Tudum). From there, Hawrylo can choose options for moments like the cake tasting. Each wedding is completely paid for by the Netflix budget, and it's Hawrylo's responsibility to allocate the money between weddings (unless the couple opts to pay for special requests out of Hawrylo's control). Based on this info, we can assume the couples get to try food options based on both the questionnaire and their specific requests, but we still don't know exactly how the process goes down.

Regardless, you might still be wondering the million-dollar question; Do the guests get to eat the food if the couple breaks up on the big day? According to the Kinetic Connect representative, guests are encouraged to stay and enjoy the refreshments if they want. Fans can attest that after Shake and Deepti parted ways in season two, guests did linger around the venue. Considering both the production team and the couples put effort into selecting the menu, it's hard to imagine they would simply throw it out. It's especially worth indulging in because, unlike everything else about "Love Is Blind," it's one of the few things not chosen "sight unseen."