This Was Bonnie And Clyde's Last Meal

While elaborate last meals enjoyed by death row prisoners have long been fodder for macabre fascination, not all criminals (or completely innocent people, for that matter) know in advance just when they'll take their last bite. Although Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow may have wished to dine on steak as their last meal had they known that May 23, 1934, would be their final day on Earth, their actual last meal would be far more plebeian.

Shortly before driving into the ambush where they'd be shot to death by police officers, the couple stopped at Rosa Canfield's cafe in Gibsland, Louisiana, where they ordered donuts and coffee. After finishing their breakfast, they asked for a couple of sandwiches to go — fried bologna for her and a BLT for him.

By some accounts, Bonnie managed to take just one bite before the car Clyde was driving was perforated by 167 bullets. As Kevin Costner described the outlaws' last moments in an interview promoting his 2019 movie, "The Highwaymen" (via USA Today), "They had just come from a diner where they had ordered bologna sandwiches. They had no idea they were going down."

The former cafe now houses a museum

Rosa Canfield has been out of the cafe business for a good long while now, as it's been 90 years since Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow's demise. However, the site of her establishment has since been turned into the Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum, which is open for business seven days a week. Proprietor Perry Carver, who opened the museum in 2015, purchased the exhibits from a man whose father had been involved in the ambush.

Items on view include 11 weapons that were in the car as well as a pair of Clyde's shoes, some of Bonnie's garments, and numerous newspaper clippings. There's also a diorama that depicts their death in a very gory way thanks to what Carver admits is a generous helping of "vampire blood" that he buys in bulk from a party supply store.

While that may not sound too appetizing, apparently some museum visitors feel differently because, along with the museum and gift shop, Carver also runs the Bonnie & Clyde Last Stop Cafe. Yes, the cafe does offer both fried bologna sandwiches and BLTs on the menu, while you can even order the Ambush Special that consists of both bacon and bologna. According to Facebook reviews, the cafe's sandwiches may be to die for, but only in the figurative sense.