Why You'll Want To Air Fry Canned Peas

Canned peas don't receive the recognition they deserve. Although often relegated to mushy afterthoughts, they are reliable, versatile, and nutritious. Elevate your canned peas by popping them into the air fryer, making them crunchy and tastier. An air fryer may be the kitchen device that you didn't even know you need, given that it requires far less time and cooking oil than the traditional deep-frying methods. 

While there are many common mistakes made when cooking peas, opting to air fry is not one of them — and for good reason. For canned peas specifically, it will take under 15 minutes to transform them into pop-able snacks, salad toppers, or garnishes. The crispy air fryer effect mitigates any mushiness while preserving the pea's slightly sweet flavor for an appetizing outcome. You might even discover that your children (or other picky eaters in your life) suddenly develop a newfound appreciation for eating their peas.

Best practices for air frying canned peas

Air frying is a straightforward cooking method that also offers room for personalization in how you flavor (and ultimately consume) your peas. A few best practices will ensure that your canned peas crisp to perfection. For example, given that canned peas are both soft and tiny, they require less heat and time in the air fryer than harder, denser vegetables. Therefore, setting your air fryer to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and cooking your peas for 10 to 15 minutes will yield the best results.

Another recommendation is to first drain any remaining liquid from your canned peas and thoroughly dry them before frying. This practice will ensure there's no excess moisture to prevent your peas from browning as they cook. While the air fryer will technically cook without oil, adding a touch of olive oil or avocado oil will optimize the crunchiness of your peas. Also, mixing in your preferred herbs, spices, or a simple sprinkle of salt before cooking is another way to enhance their flavor.

If you find that air-frying canned peas totally revolutionizes your approach to cooking veggies in general — or if you're not a pea person but are curious to try this kitchen appliance — there are endless ingredients to experiment with in your air fryer. The possibilities are infinite, and the air fryer is likely to produce a crispy, crunchy result without the added time or messy cleanup.