Ranking Taco Bell's Breakfast Items From Worst To Best

For many people, lunch is the best meal of the day. It breaks a boring workday up in half and gives time to escape the clutches of a cubicle and grab some much-needed fresh air. But, "best" isn't always synonymous with "important," and that's where breakfast weasels its yawning self into the rankings. However, in a mad dash to get to work before you're late, breakfast isn't the easiest meal to squeeze into a hectic schedule.

Luckily, Taco Bell made the fantastic decision to create a breakfast menu that caters to those too busy to whip up a few scrambled eggs after that morning alarm starts screaming. Much like any menu, however, some items stack up higher than others, and it's helpful to head to Taco Bell prepared with that knowledge. 

Here is every item on Taco Bell's breakfast menu, ranked from worst to best. Let's all Live Mas and get ready to jump into some delicious rankings.

10. Taco Bell's Cinnabon Delights

It seems as kids, there was no time of the day we weren't ready to consume massive quantities of sugar. It didn't matter if it was early morning or midnight; we were ready to get a fast and furious sugar rush on. Thankfully, most of our parents prevented the frantic fructose addiction. Luckily, we eventually grew up and realized there's way more to life than sugar.

Taco Bell's Cinnabon Delight — although delicious — pack absolutely nothing except carbs and sugar into a bite-sized sphere. To kids, they're the best thing to ever happen to breakfast, but the only thing they'll get anyone are cavities and an increased waistline. On Taco Bell's website, the item is described as "dessert, disguised as breakfast, described as dessert." 

The thing is, these little bite-sized delights aren't disguised as dessert. They are a dessert, and you'll find you're a lot more satisfied choosing anything else on the menu for an early morning eat.

9. Taco Bell's hash browns

Before you get all bent out of shape that Taco Bell's hash browns are coming in just under last place, the reason for the ranking isn't because of the flavor; no, the crispy golden patties of potatoes taste great. Since they themselves can't really function as a meal on their own, it's best to order them as an accompaniment with something else on this list.

But hey, if you really do want to eat a breakfast comprised of nothing but hash browns, by all means treat yourself and hash your heart out. Most people, however, need something more than a small fried patty of greasy starch to get them going in the morning.

Pair a couple hash browns with an item that offers your body protein. Your energy levels will thank you for it come early afternoon when you're looking for that extra push to get you to the lunch hour.

8. Taco Bell's sausage flatbread quesadilla

Flatbread options are popping up on menus more frequently than ever. So, it makes sense Taco Bell chose to incorporate it into breakfast.  

The flatbread acts as a quesadilla stuffed with eggs, a three-cheese blend, and sausage crumbles; it's aptly called the sausage flatbread quesadilla. This is the kind of thing that can hit the spot in the morning, however, Taco Bell misses the opportunity to put even more ingredients inside. Have you ever made a quesadilla at home and just shoveled a whole variety of ingredients between the tortilla? While the eggs, cheese, and sausage don't make for a negative experience, it's not a memorable one.

At least give people the option to load up their quesadilla with more stuff. As our taste buds know from years of experience, the more delicious food you can fit into a bite, the better.

7. Taco Bell's breakfast quesadilla

For Taco Bell breakfast-enthusiasts whose knees get weak at the mere thought of a delicious quesadilla, they're lucky enough to have a second option: the breakfast quesadilla. Instead of flatbread, Taco Bell swaps in a regular tortilla. They also give crumbled bacon a place in the game and remove the sausage. For those who can't resist bacon (and honestly, who can't?), this option is the way to go.

The thinness of the breakfast quesadilla's tortilla helps it crisp up on the flat grill, and it gives each bite a crunch rarely achievable in flatbread. Plus, bacon! There's a reason bacon is the meat used to wrap other foods to make them taste better. Nothing says breakfast more than eggs and bacon, and that's exactly what's crammed into this semi-circle of savory. 

Of the two quesadillas offered, the breakfast quesadilla reigns dominant. Bow down to the flavor, and then sink your teeth into it.

6. Taco Bell's breakfast soft taco

Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind when Taco Bell pops into your head is, well... tacos! So, Taco Bell knew it had to have at least one breakfast option that was an actual taco. Enter the breakfast soft taco.

Now, this taco is essentially just the breakfast quesadilla in taco form, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's smaller in size, it tastes just as good, and there's something about holding a taco that feels more appropriate in the morning than a quesadilla. After all, you're not waiting in line at Quesadilla Bell. 

However, those who prefer the sensation of a hard shell may not find themselves wandering in this direction. This option is crunchless, which can be a shame; that crunchy texture plays so well with soft and savory, and it's missing from this dish.

5. Taco Bell's mini skillet bowl

People who take a car to work often don't have the luxury of eating breakfast anywhere except the driver's seat. That's where the mini skillet bowl comes in handy. Instead of dealing with overwhelmingly large wrappers and ingredients tumbling onto the laps of newly ironed work pants, this item keeps everything neatly nestled in a bowl for convenience. (Of course, this is only a valid point if you're the passenger, as maneuvering a fork and bowl is not recommended for anyone behind the wheel.)

So, what's inside this delicious plastic bowl? Well, not only do you get a healthy dose of egg, but you get to enjoy some chunks of potatoes (the same ones used for Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes), a dollop of pico de gallo for a burst of fresh flavor, and a nacho cheese drizzle over the top to finish off strong. It makes any hectic morning a little better. 

4. Taco Bell's grilled breakfast burrito

The word "burrito" conjures up images of overstuffed log-shaped tortillas full of delicious ingredients bursting at the seams. The grilled breakfast burrito at Taco Bell up is exactly that, offering up hefty portions of three ingredients that all want to work wonders on your palate. And you absolutely should. 

The three ingredients we're talking about are eggs (obviously), bacon (mmm...), and nacho cheese sauce (score!). Instead of a three-cheese blend like some of the previous items, the nacho cheese drizzle does the same work — but better. All three seamlessly join together to make a cylindrical tube of breakfast delights worth anyone's time. 

The term "bringing home the bacon" means to make money and earn a living. However, in this case, bringing home the bacon potentially means you just ordered the grilled  breakfast burrito, and now it's time to unwrap that bad boy, close your eyes, and take an amazing bite of cheesy, eggy, and bacony bliss. 

3. Taco Bell's grilled breakfast burrito fiesta potato

So, Taco Bell seems to be in the habit of taking all the ingredients from one breakfast option and basically just changing the vessel in which they're delivered. If you break down all the ingredients of the grilled breakfast burrito fiesta potato, you quickly realize it's simply the mini skillet bowl emptied into a tortilla and wrapped up in a tight pouch of awesome. Which, isn't a bad thing at all.

Those same four ingredients as the mini skillet bowl — egg, potato, pico de gallo, and nacho cheese sauce — mingle yet again, but this time inside a tortilla. Needless to say, the party's still going strong. Sure, it might not offer the convenience of a neat little bowl, but the flavors still run rampant, and this time it's a little more portable.

If you enjoy the grilled breakfast burrito but want to crank things up to 11, this is a worthwhile investment.

2. Taco Bell's Grande Scrambler

"Grande" is a word you can't throw around all willy-nilly without backing it up with evidence. What makes anything "grande"? Well, it needs to be a cut above the rest, and that's exactly why Taco Bell knew it was appropriate to call item number two on this list the "Grande Scrambler." It's got everything your morning appetite wants, plus a little more just to tease those taste buds into submission. 

This breakfast item introduces never-before-seen ingredient pairings, which is a much-welcomed change of pace. Sure, certain ingredients find themselves in the same mix such as egg, nacho cheese sauce, and potatoes, but then sour cream knocks at the door and things start to get really interesting. This is a whole new flavor profile that ropes the rest of the ingredients in with a lasso, lines them up accordingly, and marches them into your rumbling belly.

Egg. Bacon. Cheese blend. Nacho cheese sauce. Potatoes. Pico de gallo. Sour cream. Grande Scrambler. Need we say more?

1. Taco Bell's Breakfast Crunchwrap

The Crunchwrap Supreme is to Taco Bell what the Bloomin' Onion is to Outback Steakhouse. They're delicious choices frequently ordered by guests. One of the smartest things Taco Bell did when rolling out their breakfast menu was incorporating a breakfast version of the Crunchwrap Supreme. They called it the Breakfast Crunchwrap (duh), and oh, what a glorious option it is!

It actually has fewer ingredients than the Grande Scrambler, but that doesn't matter. The hash browns and creamy jalapeno sauce now play leading roles, and they make a world of difference. Crunching into the lightly fried hash brown patty while at the same time tasting egg, cheese, and bacon is already swell enough, but once your tongue gets a taste of that sweet creamy jalapeno nectar binding everything together, you're immediately aware you ordered the best thing on the menu.

Yea, it shouldn't be a surprise the Breakfast Crunchwrap comes out as the king. Just make sure you don't deprive yourself of the opportunity to feel like royalty the next time Taco Bell comes calling.