Aldi Items That Are Completely Overpriced

If you love a good deal, chances are you have shopped at Aldi. This discount grocery store chain imported from Germany is a great place to save a few nickels and dimes — or even full dollars, if you opt for the Aldi brands instead of name brands. Aldi has had a lot of success in luring people in with its low prices, but sometimes those prices might not be as low as they seem. 

While some items at Aldi are bad deals because of the quality, some items are just a bad deal, period. Many items that seem like they are listed at a good price point can actually be found in another store for much cheaper. Don't be fooled into thinking that the price at Aldi is lower on every product just because the chain is known for its discounts. If you really want to save, you have to be vigilant about comparing prices to other brands and stores (and don't forget to compare sizes, too!). 

Luckily, we got the work started for you with this list of Aldi items that are completely overpriced. 

Note that prices may vary by date and location.

Aldi's cereal (especially name-brand cereal)

Do you love starting your day with a heaping bowl of Fruit Loops (we mean, a totally healthy adult cereal like Raisin Bran)? If so, you surely pick up a box of cereal or two at the store on a regular basis, so you're always on the lookout for ways to save on them. Unfortunately for Aldi customers, this store isn't the place for that.

According to Kiplinger, even Aldi's store-brand cereal, Millville, can't beat the prices of name brand cereal elsewhere. Millville's knockoff Raisin Bran costs around $1.99 for 18 ounces, but Walmart sells a 27-ounce box of the real thing for $2.65. This means you might pay more at the time, but you get more, and you ultimately don't pay as much per ounce. 

Another argument for skipping the copycat cereal Millville has to offer is that coupon websites, newspapers, and social media pages are constantly putting out coupons for name-brand cereal, so you can get even more of a discount on that already-low price at Walmart. You don't have to sacrifice the taste you love to get a deal — you can buy those name-brand Fruit Loops without feeling guilty at all, and without losing money unnecessarily.

Aldi's flour

Flour is a kitchen staple. We use it in everything from cakes to fried chicken to kids' clay art projects. Since we buy so much of it, we are always on the lookout for deals, and you won't find those deals at Aldi.

While flour isn't wildly expensive at Aldi, it does come in a smaller bag than you can find at other stores. Instead of getting ten pounds of flour like you can find at other stores, you get five, and you can't buy in bulk and save. You also aren't saving in general, because if you break it down and compare the price per pound at Aldi to the price per pound at other stores (many of which give you more flour at a time, resulting in fewer frantic runs to the store during Christmas cookie-making season), Aldi's price is much higher. 

According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, Aldi's Baker's Corner all-purpose flour costs 36 cents per pound. Walmart's private-label brand, Great Value, is genuinely a better value, costing just 28 cents per pound.

Aldi's dish soap

Another item we all go through a lot of is dish soap. If you're like most people, you probably have a brand that you love and are loyal to... but you're also open to switching if you can find a more affordable price from a different manufacturer. 

Aldi makes a convincing argument for switching. Their private-label dish soap brand, Reeva, looks almost exactly like Dawn in terms of packaging and color, the cost is similar.

As with all knockoff brands, though, this dish soap may not have the crud-cutting power that we have come to depend on from Dawn. So why should you settle for this "fake" Dawn when you can get the real thing for a cheaper price at another store?

According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, Aldi's Reeva dish soap typically sells for $0.08 per fluid ounce, but you can get genuine Dawn at Walmart for $0.07 per ounce. You might not think that a penny per fluid ounce is a huge difference, but if you think about how many ounces are in a bottle, and how often you have to buy dish soap, you'll see that those pennies can really add up!

Aldi's bacon

Is there any food in the world more perfect than bacon? You can eat it with eggs, you can put it on burgers, you can even add it to spaghetti carbonara to make it extra fancy and delicious. The only problem is, bacon can be expensive. This prevents a lot of people from having bacon as often as they want, but with this tip, you just may be able to make all of your bacon dreams come true.

When it comes to uncured bacon (that is, bacon that is cured by soaking it in natural brines instead of by adding nitrates to the mix), you can find comparable deals at Aldi and Trader Joe's. The latter is one of Aldi's biggest rivals in the grocery store game, and after looking at their prices on bacon, it is easy to see why. According to Real Simple, Aldi's Never Any! Hickory Smoked Uncured Bacon sells for $6.09 for a 12-ounce package, which equates to 50 cents per ounce. Trader Joe's 12-ounce pack of Uncured Dry Rubbed Sliced Bacon, on the other hand, only costs $5.59, or 45 cents per ounce. This is a fairly significant amount of savings, so we won't be upset if the bacon lovers stop reading here and make a run to Trader Joe's.

Anything with a brand name at Aldi

This next list item comes with a bit of a caveat. While it is true that Aldi's store-brand products aren't always cheaper than their name-brand counterparts at other stores, if we are talking about shopping at Aldi alone, the off-brand items are the way to go. 

Buying name-brand items like Coca-Cola or Frito Lay at Aldi is a bad idea (unless you just really don't want to settle for a knockoff of your favorite products, which is understandable), because you can get the almost-identical Aldi-brand products for much less. 

Reader's Digest brings up another good argument for choosing Aldi's house brand: all those coupons you cut out of the newspaper for those name-brand products you love? They don't work here. Aldi doesn't accept coupons, so you can't save money on name brands in this particular store, and you may actually end up paying more for them than you would somewhere else. 

So, if you are truly interested in saving money at Aldi, your only real choice is to go with the store brand which. If you have your heart set on name-brand items, you should probably shop somewhere else. 

Aldi's meat

According to Kiplinger, buying meat at Aldi can be hit or miss. 

While Aldi's meat selection is cheaper than other stores when it is on sale, its everyday price is higher than many competing grocery stores. Some of those competing stores, like Trader Joe's, never put their products on sale, which gives Aldi an advantage, because it does offer weekly specials on some products. If you're visiting Aldi at a time when meat is not on sale, though, you will be losing precious money. In the words of penny-pinching expert Tracie Fobes, "Aldi is great when you need chicken and it is not on sale at your local store. However, time it properly and you will find better deals at your grocery store."

In other words, Aldi meat might be good for the convenience factor, but you're going to have to put in some work to get a good deal on it here. Not every type of meat is included in the store's weekly special promotions, so there's not always a guarantee that you'll get the meat you want at a price that makes your wallet happy. 

Unless you really want to spend a lot of time calculating deals and keeping an eye on the specials, you would be better off buying meat at your local grocery store instead — especially if it's on sale.

Aldi's soy sauce

If you have a flair for Asian cuisine, you probably can't get enough soy sauce. This tasty sauce can bring life to even the blandest of dishes, making it seem like something magical, but that doesn't mean you have to pay for it like it was made of gold. 

Aldi offers a "small" bottle of soy sauce for 10 cents per fluid ounce from its Fusia brand, but you can get a bottle that is twice the size at Walmart for just six cents per fluid ounce. This is a very significant deal, as you are saving four cents per ounce and ending up with much more soy sauce. 

The only issue pointed out by The Krazy Coupon Lady is that Walmart's Silver Swan 34-ounce soy sauce bottle is a bit on the enormous and unwieldy side, so you can't exactly put it on the dinner table and let your kids serve themselves. But this problem can be solved by simply pouring some of the sauce into another bottle or into a bowl at each meal so that people can use it as needed. That's a small price to pay for paying a much smaller price on the soy sauce you love!

Aldi's paper products

There are several reasons why you shouldn't buy paper products like toilet paper, napkins, and paper towels at Aldi. The first is the price. According to experts interviewed by Kiplinger, you can find comparable products at big-box stores for the same price — or even cheaper.

The second reason these paper products are a bad deal is that Aldi's store brand, Boulder, produces products that have been described as feeling flimsier than other brands. In other words, you're going to need a lot more Aldi-brand paper towels to pick up that spill. So you may think you're saving money by buying the store brand, but in fact you're not saving any money at all, and you're getting a product that is sub-par. 

To make matters worse for Aldi, coupons and sales often make name brands like Bounty cheaper at other grocery stores than the regular, everyday price of Aldi's paper products. With this in mind, it would be a truly bad deal to get the Aldi brand when you know you can get a thicker, better-quality product somewhere else for less. 

If you're thinking, "What difference does it make? All these products are just used and thrown away anyway!," then first of all, you must not be a true Bargain Betty. But you also might not realize that just because something is disposable, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality. You don't have to be a millionaire to enjoy strong, soft toilet paper in the bathroom — you just have to be a clever shopper.

Fish from Aldi

Like meat, fish is another food that is better bought somewhere other than Aldi. 

According to Real Simple, Aldi's tuna is around the same price per ounce as it is at other stores like Trader Joe's, so you aren't really saving too much money by shopping here. The article also states that you can save more than a dollar on salmon by buying it at Trader Joe's instead of Aldi, as the former sells Wild Sockeye Salmon for just $10.99 per pound and the latter sells it for $12.99. 

Based on this information, Trader Joe's should be your go-to "fish market" as opposed to Aldi, but you would still be smart to check the prices at your other local groceries and big-box stores, as sometimes their deals are better, as is their selection of fish. 

Fish isn't really something that you should take the lowest price on without making sure the quality is still good, however. Seemingly Aldi's fish quality is the same as Trader Joe's, so there isn't really any risk here — just savings, if you choose correctly.

Deodorant from Aldi

Deodorant is another item that all of us use every single day, unless we are in the mood to go au naturale (or to be a little stinky). Most people go through a lot of this stuff, so it makes sense that we would always be on the lookout for ways to get it at a cheaper price. 

According to Kiplinger, you shouldn't look to Aldi for that. They say the deodorant at Aldi is just not worth it. There isn't much of a selection, and all of the deodorants available are from name brands (unless there's a special buy going on). 

With Aldi's no-coupon policy, the prices on these deodorants can't beat the prices at other stores, especially when these items are on sale or you can get a discount. 

In fact, deodorant may even be cheaper at a pharmacy like Walgreens or CVS than it is at Aldi, which is really incredible, considering that the prices at pharmacies are usually much higher than what you would see in grocery stores. To get these low prices, you may have to sign up for CVS' ExtraCare or Walgreens' Balance Rewards program, but both of these are free to join, so there are really no downsides — unless you don't like your armpits smelling fresh and saving money.

Aldi's toiletries

Things like shampoo, soap, and mouthwash are usually products that people don't mind going with the generic brand for. 

Shampoo usually works the same way, whether it is store-brand or expensive name-brand (minus a bit of extra silkiness, maybe), and at the end of the day, your hair is still clean. The same thing goes for body soap, mouthwash, and even razors; one is usually just about as good as another when it comes to actually just doing its job. 

Because of this fact, you would surely be tempted to fill up your cart with cheap, Aldi-brand toiletries the next time you're in the store. But don't! According to Cheapism, whose writers have done some thorough research into the matter, the price of toiletries is not just underwhelming, it is actually more expensive than at other stores like Target. Not to mention the fact that Aldi has very little selection of products. 

Aldi's Dentiguard mouthwash, for example, costs a full 10 cents more than Target's Up & Up brand. Frugal shoppers can still get the cheaper, off-brand alternatives they want, but they can get it at a lower price by shopping at places other than Aldi.

Aldi's toothbrushes

If you have a big family, you probably go through a lot of toothbrushes. While some people don't switch them out very often, you really should be getting a new toothbrush every three to four months, and you shouldn't have to pay sky-high prices when you do. 

According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, there is actually a very valuable secret that will help you save more than 50 percent on the price of toothbrushes: Don't shop at Aldi, shop on Amazon.

Based on her own experience and research, she was able to get 40 generic-brand toothbrushes for just $12.99 on Amazon, making each toothbrush just 31 cents. At Aldi, Dentiguard store-brand toothbrushes run around 70 cents per toothbrush, making them a no-no for bargain shoppers. 

Forty toothbrushes could last you years, and even if you don't need all of them at once, the price point still makes it a better deal than Aldi, where you can get toothbrushes of equal quality for a higher price. So clear out your bathroom closet and head to Amazon instead of Aldi if you want to be a true penny-pincher!