Everything You Need To Know About Bakeaway Camp With Martha Stewart

What hasn't reality TV served up to date? There are cooking competition shows, there are wilderness survival shows, and there are zillions upon zillions of hosted-by-any-celebrity-from-the-past-30-years-we-could-round-up shows. At last, we have a show that combines all three of these elements! Yes, whether the world is ready or not, Food Network TV will soon be releasing its latest series, Bakeaway Camp with Martha Stewart.

While Martha Stewart used to be the too-perfect domestic diva everyone loved to hate, all of that changed when she did a few months in the stir. When she got out, she decided to stir up a few things in her own life, and ended up palling around — and even hosting a cooking show — with Snoop Dogg. Not to mention, she loosened up considerably when it came to spilling about her not-so-magazine-perfect life, revealing on such juicy details as her having visited a nude beach and knowing how to roll a tight joint. 

While seeing Martha in this new role as — what, a boot camp drill sergeant? — may seem like a stretch, well, with Martha, you never really know how she's going to play it, only that she's going to be fabulous as always.

The premise of Martha Stewart's new show

Apartment Therapy shares a snippet from the original casting call for the show — "part exclusive culinary retreat, part baking boot camp and part summer camp-inspired competition with a cash prize." What's going to happen is, the six bakers who answered — and were chosen — from that casting call are sent on an outdoor retreat with Martha. Each episode features them competing in what People describes as "camp-inspired games and challenges," with the winners being awarded one-on-one mentoring sessions in Martha's own kitchen. 

According to Food Network president Courtney White, Martha will not only be "personally guiding and mentoring these home bakers through challenges," but also helping them survive "the most unpredictable outdoor elements," though whether this means rainstorms or earthquakes, she does not reveal.

The contestants will also be facing off against each other in bake-offs, and for these, the show will be bringing in guest judges (of course). The ones who've been announced so far are chef Carla Hall, baking blogger-turned-Food Network host Dan Langan, and former NFL player-turned-Bachelor Jesse Palmer (no word as to whether Snoop pops in). When all the votes are in, the last baker left standing will receive a brand-new $25,000 home kitchen — designed to Martha's own specifications, we assume.

Hmm, ok, so it's like... Hell's Kitchen with mosquitos? Survivor with profiteroles? Who knows — but we can't wait to find out.