How To Make A McFlurry Without A Blender

One of the most quintessential desserts in the fast-food scene is the classic McDonald's McFlurry. People are so crazy for this soft-serve treat that there's even an app that tracks when and where McDonald's ice cream machines are working — and thus ready to churn out creamy goodness for their McFlurry fix.

But Cha Sampan, a woman in the Philippines, discovered two years ago that she could recreate the Oreo McFlurry, her favorite, right at home. While there are a lot of DIY recipes out there for the McFlurry, Sampan's version stands out because it doesn't require a blender — and only needs three simple ingredients.

Insider recently interviewed Sampan, who said she found a recipe for homemade ice cream on Facebook and decided to tailor it for her McFlurry needs. It only took one try to make a delicious McFlurry, much to her delight. She posted her own recipe on Facebook and it's just now making the rounds on major media outlets. Here's how you can make a McFlurry at home.

You only need a few ingredients: around 7 fluid ounces (which amounts to a little under a cup) of condensed milk; around 8.5 fluid ounces (which amounts to a little over a cup) of all-purpose cream; and one six-pack of Oreos, or six of any cookie with a cream filling.

No blender necessary for this McFlurry recipe

For the first step, mix the heavy cream and condensed milk. A plastic container is preferable for this part. Try putting in only half of the condensed milk first and then sample the mixture. If it's not sweet enough for you, add the rest.

Once those ingredients are mixed, place Oreos in a plastic bag and crush them with either your hands or whatever is appropriate to use in your kitchen. When the size of the pieces are to your liking, mix them into the cream mixture.

Close the container and put it inside the freezer for four to five hours, until the mixture is set. Avoid checking on the ice cream before the four-hour mark, or else you might have to wait longer for it to be ready. After four hours, check the consistency of the ice cream. If you want it to be firmer, you can continue freezing it for another hour.

Once the ice cream is ready, dig in and enjoy your McFlurry in the comfort of your own home. Sampan used this recipe to make an Oreo McFlurry, but presumably, you could replace the Oreos with candies or other types of cookies to recreate your favorite McFlurry — or invent your own flavor. If you're craving a McDonald's breakfast, then good news — there's a way to make an Egg McMuffin at home too.