How To Make An Egg McMuffin At Home, According To McDonald's

What's your go-to breakfast? If you're like millions of Americans, you may have been grabbing an Egg McMuffin every morning at your nearest McDonald's drive-through, perhaps accompanied by one of those strangely tasty hash brown bricks and, of course, a cup of takeout coffee (disappointingly low in caffeine as it is). Well, under current circumstances, that breakfast may be a little harder to come by. Yes, McDonald's drive-thrus are still open, but the all-day breakfast is no longer being offered, and it's just a little harder to be up and out of the house bright and early when you've no longer got an office to go to. Sure, there's always food delivery, but in uncertain times you maybe don't always want to shell out delivery fees and tips that can more than quadruple the cost of your breakfast.

Many McMuffin fans have been going the DIY route and sharing on social media their efforts to recreate McDonald's signature breakfast dish. Well, DIY-ers, not to throw any shade, but McDonald's seemingly took pity on those of you who weren't quite nailing it. McDonald's UK — where all of its stores are closed and no takeout available — took the extraordinary step of sharing their secret recipe with the Daily Mail.

And the not-so-secret recipe is....

It may come as no great shock to anyone who is at all observant that a Sausage and Egg McMuffin calls for one English muffin (which, oddly enough, is what they call these in the UK as well, or at least this is what McDonald's calls them), two eggs, one slice of American cheese (also called by this name in other countries, since nobody else would want to claim such a product), and sausage meat. The measurement for this last ingredient is given in grams, which is how you can tell this is a British recipe. (75 grams is equivalent to about 2 1/2 ounces, in case you don't feel like looking it up.)

The make-at-home McMuffin is actually not the easiest recipe to recreate according to the exact directions given, unless you happen to have your own indoor grill for cooking the sausages (we'd suggest a regular old frying pan). You'll also need some metal rings for egg poaching if you want to do it the McDonald's way.

Upgrading your Egg McMuffin

If you really want to go all-out and make yourself a breakfast combo, UK McDonald's even provides their hash brown recipe — grate one potato, mix in one egg, guesstimate the correct amounts of salt and pepper (the recipe won't help you here), then fry it all up in a "glug" of oil. (The Local Palate defines a glug as being about two tablespoons, just so you know.) There's no recipe provided for McDonald's coffee, so you're on your own there.

Oh, and if you'd prefer the standard variety of Egg McMuffin instead of the sausage one, Business Insider reveals that the meat used for these is Canadian bacon. So what with the English muffins and American cheese, all you'd need would be some french fries and you'd have one epic international(ish) meal right there. However you tweak your DIY Mickey D's, though, at least it gives you something to do while waiting for life — and the Golden Arches — to get back to normal again.