The Secret Password You Can Use At Del Taco

Everything about Del Taco is bold. From its humble beginnings to its menu, Del Taco brings the boldest concepts and flavors to its patrons. This sentiment is the foundation and guiding principle of the taco franchise. When the first Del Taco opened in Yermo, California in 1964, Ed Hackbarth and David Jameson had a bold idea and great products. Their menu featured 19-cent tacos, tostadas, fries, and 24-cent cheeseburgers. They raked in $169 in sales that first day, which equaled exactly 900 tacos (via Del Taco). That's a lot of shells, meat, lettuce, and cheese. 

Today, Del Taco has over 550 locations in 15 states. Their Raving Fan program allows members to get coupons for free food just for joining, and to try new menu items before the general public. Meanwhile, their buck and under menu continues to keep things affordable, and has helped the taco giant develop a loyal, cult following, especially on the West Coast, where the chain continues to soar in popularity (via Business Insider). Even super model, mom, and chef Chrissy Teigen is a fan of Del Taco, having tweeted about this taco eatery's chicken soft tacos with del scorcho. 

But did you know there's a secret password you can use at Del Taco to customize your order in a bold and yummy way? 

Go bold at Del Taco

According to Food Beast, if you tell the cashier, in your best Sean Connery James Bond voice, to "Go bold," they will add their crinkle fries and the Del Taco secret sauce to any item on their menu. Okay, maybe you don't need to speak like Sean Connery, but we triple dog dare you to anyway. To "Go bold" will cost you 39 cents per Del Taco item, and you can even use this convert code on your shakes, although, you would have to be pretty bold to do so. Still, going bold definitely steps up the game and the possibilities. Already yummy quesadillas, tacos, burritos, and burgers sound a whole lot better dripping with a special sauce and filled with fries. On the fence? Well don't be. Food Beast kindly took one for the team and did the taste testing for us. Their verdict: "It was glorious. It was extreme bubble guts a few hours later but so, so worth it." 

While "Go bold" is often touted as a "secret" phrase, Del Taco isn't trying to keep it hidden, so don't worry about letting the taco, er, cat out of the bag.