The Real Reason KFC Pulled Potato Wedges Off The Menu

For how universally loved they are, potatoes can also be incredibly divisive. Think about it: When it comes to fried potatoes, do you prefer shoe strings, crinkle-cut, classic, steak-cut, Belgian, sweet potato, waffle, or wedges? Chances are you have strong potato-based opinions about at least one of these types, especially if your favorites are the recently removed KFC potato wedges.

When the announcement was made back in December 2019 that the famous fast food chain was developing classic french fries to add to their menu (that had previously only included mashed potatoes and wedges), KFC's head chef reportedly called it a welcome and long-awaited change for customers (via Nation's Restaurant News). Of course, it wasn't known then whether or not the new fries would replace the classic wedges, or if they'd be a limited-time promotion.

In June it was officially announced that the new KFC "Secret Recipe" fries would be taking the spot once held by the beloved wedges in all U.S. locations (via Business Insider). The outcry from fans is familiar to anyone who's had a beloved menu item axed forever.

Why wedge-lovers are weary

Not unlike the cancellation of a beloved TV-show, or the time McDonalds replaced Hi-C with Sprite, the response from wedge fans has been overwhelmingly negative on social media, with many calling for the return of wedges to the KFC menu. One disgruntled customer went so far as to tweet at KFC: "Your fries are legit terrible. Please bring back the Potato Wedges" (via Business Insider). For some, however, the change wasn't nearly as unwelcome. A few customers relented that the fries "weren't that bad," and at least one person actively prefers them: "Okay kfc new fries better than the wedges my bad."

If you're a fan of KFC chicken, it might be worth giving these new spuds a try, even if they'll never be wedges. According to KFC, the recipe took 60 years to develop, and they're coated with a special blend of herbs and spices to give them an authentic KFC taste, so at least they will remain distinct from the likes of McDonald's and Burger King fries.