The Untold Truth Of Hi-C

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Hi-C has been around since 1946, when bottling plant owner Niles Foster created it by combining 10 percent orange juice with sugar and other flavorings, and began marketing it to children (via Food and Drink in American History). Even after the drink sold to Minute Maid in 1954, and was expanded to include different fruit flavors, it continued to be marketed as healthy for children, despite some eventual pushback from the FTC on the issue and its contributions to childhood obesity (via LA Times).

The advent of Ecto Coolers didn't come until 1986, when Ghostbusters' popularity was nearing its peak. It was created as a means of promoting an animated tv series spinoff called The Real Ghostbusters (which, no, sadly wasn't a reality tv show about ghostbusters) (via Mental Floss). The drink's popularity has waned somewhat since then, but for decades and up until recently, McDonalds sold Hi-C Orange Lavaburst (via Business Insider). However, in 2017, McDonald's began phasing out the classic drink in favor of a new Sprite variation, much to the ire of the drink's devoted fans (via Grub Street).

The push to bring back Hi-C

If you thought that being mentioned in a Rick and Morty episode would bring about a whole Hi-C revolution, well... it almost did. Once the fast food chain confirmed it would be bringing back Szechuan sauce, Hi-C enthusiasts took to Twitter to demand the return of a more recently discontinued menu item: Hi-C Orange Lavaburst (via Business Insider). One Twitter user said: "McDonald's been trash since they got rid of Hi-C" and another: "Going to McDonald's and not getting orange Hi-C feels sinful I miss it so much."

Sadly, despite outcries of Hi-C fans on social media and the creation of not one but two petitions, it seems McDonald's won't be relenting regarding the bright orange beverage. Of course, that doesn't mean people have forgotten. According to Klaq, Twitter users continue to complain about the lack of Hi-C at McDonald's, with calls for it to return reaching upwards of 700 likes and 300 retweets(via Twitter). 

How to get your hands on Hi-C

While it was most popular in the '80s, Hi-C in all of its various forms still has fans today. In 2017 someone drank an original 1989 Ecto Cooler juice box that he bought online for $400 and compared it to the 2016 limited edition version used to promote the Ghostbusters reboot (via Heavy). You can find his video on YouTube, but you definitely shouldn't drink juice that's been expired for decades, especially when there are much easier, cheaper, and safer ways to get your Hi-C fix.

It might be difficult to find actual Hi-C near you, but you can easily buy the Hi-C singles on Amazon. If you've never had a Hi-C single, they're essentially water flavoring sachets in Hi-C flavors, with all of the vitamin C you're expecting and only five calories per serving. While it's true they're definitely not the same as real, high-sugar Hi-C, it's better than nothing, right?