Here's The Difference Between Persian Cucumbers And English Cucumbers

When it comes to cucumbers, Persian and English cucumbers are often used interchangeably in the kitchen, reason being that neither needs to be peeled. Both have much more delicate green skin than the standard garden cucumber (via The Spruce Eats). Persian and English cucumbers are also praised for being relatively seedless.

However, their physical similarities stop there. Persian cucumbers are noticeably shorter than the English varieties. At maturity, these slightly bumpy fruits are only 5 to 6 inches long. In contrast, English cucumbers average 12 inches or longer. They're also noticeably less slender and more smooth than their Persian relatives (via The Kitchn). Perhaps the most easily distinguishable feature of all is that English cucumbers are commonly sold shrink-wrapped in plastic.

In a taste test, the distinctions may be more subtle. The Spruce Eats calls the flavor of Persian cucumbers mild, while English cucumbers offer an even more mild flavor that is almost non-existent. The Kitchn notes that Persian cucumbers are sweeter and extra crisp. While still crunchy, English cucumbers can deliver a more watery bite.

Persian cucumbers taste better

Bon Appétit affirms that not all cucumbers are created equal — and that includes all thin-skinned cucumbers. In ranking their favorites, Persian fruits took the cucumber crown. While Bon Appétit is smitten with their adorable size, it was the flavor of the Persian cucumber that placed them at the top of the list. They offer a concentrated and fresh cucumber taste without any watery seeds.

English cucumbers took third place overall. More constant on grocery shelves than the prizewinning Persians, English cucumbers got top marks for being crunchier and tastier than other cucumber varieties. However, Bon Appétit doesn't love their watery core, which they recommend scooping out with a spoon before serving.

All things considered, both Persian cucumbers and English cucumbers are best relished raw. Slice them into rounds or sticks for spooning up your favorite hummus or pair them with hunks of ridiculously ripe tomatoes and briny feta for a killer salad.